Let Life Unfold as it Will

Today is a day to set aside your idea of how things should be and instead to deal with life as it is.

Too often, you spend most of your time comparing each moment with what you had expected, what you had feared, and what you had wanted.  Each moment is found glorious or wanting in comparison to this expectation of yours.  And the truth is, each moment simply is.

And if you will but allow yourself to deal with life as it is, you will find that it contains far more than your expectations could ever dream of. You will find that it opens and blossoms with opportunity and surprise.  Often the lack of surprise in your life is simply because of the narrow box of expectation you have kept yourself within.

Open up your world by releasing all of that.  Today, expect nothing and let life unfold.


It’s so hard to let things unfold as they will isn’t it. Right now, filled with confusion and sadness as I am it hard to just let things be. I’ve got a constant urge in me to ‘fix’ things but my heart tells me there is no need. Allow things to settle, allow things to just be is what my soul tells me. So I’m left with the tension between my ego and my soul. I don’t trust enough…I’m beset with what ifs. I don’t even quite know how it came to this. All I can do is be mindful and trust in the Universe that the lessons will be learnt and things will be as they are meant to be in any given moment.


Quado ~ Opportunity Surrounds You

Look at this beautiful rose. Unfolding with new opportunities and hope. I just had to post it not as a thumbnail but as a larger picture so you could see its beauty. Imagine its glorious scent and velvet petals.

It’s the New Moon (or very nearly) and I feel that today’s message from Quado is so appropriate for me, and for you too.

You are, right now, standing in opportunity.  It is all around you.  At this age, at this weight, with these resources, you are surrounded by opportunity. There are doors and windows flying open all around you.

The larger arc of your life is one of constant renewal and opportunity.  But this moment, right now, is utterly unique, and the talents you have right now and the types of opportunities which surround you in this moment are here for this moment only.  And so, you must take a deep breath and step through a door, take some action, allow yourself to act on those dreams.

If you do not fully believe in yourself, that is all right.  Act as if you do.  Act as if you are completely confident.  Pretend to be the person you aspire to be and the universe will respond.  And as the response comes, you will begin to actually be this person you aspire to be.  And the response will contain within it both the seeds for your growth and the seeds for your success.  You will be praised for some things and given advice on others.  All of this is the fruit of action.

Do not let this moment turn into a moment of regret.  Do not let this moment be one that you look back on with longing, wondering how you could have missed the signs, how you could have doubted yourself and been so afraid.  Let this be a moment you look back on with pride, proud of the courage you had to step out and act, even though you were uncertain in many ways, even though you had to take a deep, deep breath to overcome your fear.

Thought for today

Today, I see the opportunities sparkling all around me, like diamonds in the grass.  Today, I allow myself to pick up a diamond, to walk through an opening door, to open wide the windows of life and let the fresh air of new experience blow through.

Today I welcome the new, the fresh, the clean.  I am willing to give up old patterns of thinking and being and open myself to the fresh air of life.

I am deeply connected to what is.  I ride the flow of life, just as it is.  I love and approve of myself in this moment, exactly as I am.

Experience the Newness of Life

Today, recharge your life with a nice energy bath and with a special assignment.

The energy bath is simple.  Picture in the sky above you the sparking gold and silver particles of energy and love that are there for you.  Watch them as they swirl gently around, then form in a cone of swirling, cleansing energy.  Take your time as the cone of gold and silver energy gently lowers over you, clearing away your anxiety, your boredom, your fear and doubt, your regrets over yesterday and your worries about tomorrow.  Let it lower slowly over your entire body, clearing as it goes.  Then when you are ready, let it lift off and take away anything that is not light and love.

Now, picture a bright golden ball over your head, your soul self, your higher self, glowing and made of love and energy.  Allow a bright golden shaft of self to flow down into you.  Open wide the crown of your head and allow this pure and perfect energy to fill you with love, peace, and purpose.  Allow it to reignite your passion to live and be.  Bask in this joyous presence for as long as you can retain the focus.

And now the assignment:  do something today you have never done before.  Fresh and cleansed, full of purpose, peace, love and joy, go out into the world and do something new.  It  may be anything at all, as long as you have never done it before.

Quado’s Garden ~ It is All Inside You

Everything in your life will become easier when you make your choices from your center of truth and rightness rather than from your emotions.  And by emotions, I mean excitement and anticipation as well as fear and anger.  All emotions are responses to expectations and your heart of rightness has no expectations.

In your center of truth and integrity, there is a deep knowingness, a connection to a greater purpose, a connection to more than you alone.  A connection to all that is.

You know everything you need to know.  It is all inside you.  All you need to do is learn to go beneath emotion and access truth.  Learn to do this, and you will open up a clear path before you.  You will not know what the future holds, but it will unfold before you, step by step, in clarity and wonder.

Today I ask that I may be true to my deepest self. I feel my truth and rightness within me.  I have a deep pool of peace in my center and I know it as rightness, I know it as my deep integrity and connection with all that is. Today, I choose to let this pool of rightness and truth drive my decisions and my actions.  Today, I choose to live in honor and integrity.  Today, I choose to respect and love myself so deeply that I cannot help but be true to my deepest self. I am in truth.  I am.

Quado ~ Release Your Mistakes

Cup your hands together, hold them out in front of you, and place within them a mistake you have made.  Now, pay attention to what your mind is saying.  It says that life would be better now if you had not made this mistake.  It brings forth a whole host of fantasies, how this or that would be better if only, if only you had done this, if only you hadn’t done that,  if only you had followed through, if only you had made a different choice.

None of this is real. This is mental chatter and fantasy about what might have been.  It is not real.  The only thing real is right now, right here.

So quiet your mind and release each mistake, each and every one.  Take your mistake into your hands, notice the fantasy talk which accompanies it and choose to let it go, like a bird you are releasing so that it may fly away home.  Just release it and watch it fly away.  And away with this so-called mistake, release the old hopes and dreams, the disappointments, the blame and the shame.  Let it all fly away.

You are as you are right now, and everything you have done has led you to this moment.  And here, standing just where you are, exactly as things are, you are surrounded by opportunity.  It is sparkling all around you, waiting to be noticed, obscured only by your tenacious hold on the past.  Release yourself from all that shame and just look around.  See this moment clearly.  See how it sparkles with newness and opportunity.

You are standing on an open field of grass and it is full of diamonds sparkling in the sun.  Each diamond is a choice you might make, an action you might take, a wondrous opportunity to be and grow and learn, a chance to embrace life in its wonder and beauty.

Let go the old and embrace this moment.  Let it sparkle.  Reach down and pick up a diamond, right now

Discipline is Freedom and Love

Today, learn to see discipline as freedom and love.  Discipline is love of yourself, because it is the pathway to achieving what you wish to achieve.  You may think that control is that pathway, that trying to change and control the outer circumstances of your life will open it up and finally bring you the happiness you seek, but it is not so.  The only control you can ever successfully exert is over yourself.  The only person you can change is yourself.

Leave off trying to control others.  Leave off trying to control what swirls around outside you.  Instead, focus on yourself, on building the habits and practices which will bring you knowledge, accomplishment, skill and inner peace. 

And from this will spring freedom, the freedom to do many different things well, the freedom to express yourself exactly as you wish to, because you have the skills necessary.  Give yourself the freedom to shine as an outward expression of your inner self, so that your appearance, talents and manner all express exactly what you wish them to express, because you have invested in yourself through caring discipline, steady patience, day by day, every day, building a foundation of great strength.

Glow from Within

Today, be aware of the energy you are projecting.  Be aware of its effect on others and its effect on you.  You are, at all times, projecting an aura of energy that affects your health, your attitude and the way others perceive you and react to you.

If you are overly critical of others, you will be surrounded by critics.  If you are judgmental, you will be surrounded by judges.  If you are overreacting emotionally, you will live in a world of drama.  If, on the other hand, you are peaceful and centered, caring and compassionate, you will find that the others around you calm down and move into a more peaceful state along with you.

Today, be consciously aware of your thoughts and emotions and how they are translated into energy.  Then take your energy out of your mind and center it in your heart and your solar plexus.  Find there the light that is burning, the storehouse of energy that you are generating.  Then open and allow yourself to glow. 

From your center, glow with peace and a deep understanding of your personal truth.  This is who you are and you can learn to project it out energetically.  And from your heart, glow with love.  Take your truth and move it through love, compassion and tolerance before presenting your truth to the world.

Consciously cease reflecting energy from others and instead move to your own storehouse of self-generated energy.  You will find that the supply is endless.  And the more energy you project from these centers, the more powerful and energetic you will feel.  The more you glow from within, the less exhausted you will be from trying to fend off other energies you do not care for.  Make your glow so strong, that you are never concerned with what others project.  You are glowing with self and truth, love and peace, and it is enough.