Daily Om ~ Physical Intuitiveness

body_in_nature_by_pavd-d3eujrnSo much of the human experience is removed from nature that we forget we are products of the natural world. At the moment of birth, we are perfectly attuned to nature. Our feelings are an authentic response to the stimulus we encounter. We interact with our environment viscerally, desiring only what is necessary for our survival. And, if we are lucky, we take in nourishment in the form of pure mother’s milk. As months and years pass, however, we discover the sights, sounds, and scents of the synthetic world. Though these often momentarily dazzle us, the dim memory of our naturalness remains. When we embrace the notion that human beings are inherently natural, bringing it to the forefront of our day-to-day experiences, we achieve a new level of wellness that boasts nature at its very core.

We innately understand that our bodies are not composed of plastics or man-made chemicals and that there is no legitimate reason to consume or expose ourselves bodily to such substances. This knowledge is reinforced each time we find ourselves energized by sweet, fresh air and warm sunlight or awed by the majesty of Mother Nature’s beauty. We feel the strength of our connection to nature when fresh food that is close to the earth sustains us more effectively than artificial supplements and when the pleasures of exercise outweigh the pains of exertion. The human body has been blessed with the same physical intuitiveness that all nonhuman living beings employ instinctively. But because our lives are no longer bound up in nature’s rhythms, we must actively seek to reconnect with this formerly innate skill. The process of rediscovering our place in the natural world can be exciting and inspiring, since nothing more is required of us than to delight in nature’s wonders, to derive! nourishment from natural foods, and to drink deeply of all the wisdom that plants and animals have to share.

Your own naturalness will reveal itself to you when you look beyond your beliefs, your lifestyle choices, and the attitudes you hold. When these constructs are stripped away, you will see a body and mind that never gave up its relationship to the essence of the natural world from which consciousness sprang.

Source: Daily Om


Card of the Week wb: Monday 24th March 2014

IlluminationI’ve just begun to use a new Oracle deck in preparation for the next deck study with Sacred Mists. It is a beautiful deck by a Native American woman called Linda Ewashina, with really evocative artwork by Jody Bergsma. Based on the medicine wheel of Native American tradition it’s called Spirit of the Wheel [meditation deck]. Although sold as a meditation deck it is, in fact, an oracle deck. however one can use it for meditation too; in fact it really lends itself to this (as does any oracle deck).

So, today I drew ILLUMINATION: Spirit path of the East. Now I make no claims to really know anything about Native American traditions, which is something that drew me to this deck (and the fact it was suggested by a very dear friend of mine). But I thought this card was rather pertinent for a new adventure and oracle study.  Illumination…don’t we all want a bit of that at times? Especially when we are going through situations that are a bit muddied by emotions etc. Traditionally (for me at least) the direction of East has always been tied with knowledge and inspiration. On the card we see a bird of prey (is it an eagle or a hawk?). It doesn’t matter really because what most of us do know is that birds of prey have excellent vision. They can spot their dinner from high up, at long distances and, in the case of the owl, in dim light. So I think this picture  this guide – is helping us to realise that we need to have this kind of spiritual eyesight, or you can think of it in metaphorical terms if you like.

We don’t always see the full picture of any situation do we. It may because we’re too emotionally close to a situation, or perhaps not involved enough. This can lead us to be fixed in our thinking and judgements. However, if we have a bigger picture, a larger vista (like a bird of prey) we can see a lot more and so understand more.

How do we do this? Is it possible for us small humans to transcend our view of things? Well, yes it is but like the card says in its suggested key words, we need Divine Communication, Spiritual Knowing and Inner Light. We ALL have these no matter what our religion (if any) or our world view. The approaches might be different but the end result is the same. Some other associations for these three things might be – spirit guides, ancestors, intuition, gut feeling, prayer and Higher Power etc. We can work on drawing closer to these things, trusting their help and guidance. Of course we probably won’t get the feeling of ZAP! And everything is clearer although it might be – synchronicity has a part to play here if you’re open to it.

Another thing I drew from this card is *patience*. Sometimes birds of prey have to spend large amounts of time scanning the ground from on high looking for their prey. They wheel and arch on the thermals, flying in circles for minutes on end but they don’t give up. This is what we need to do also; we need patience with ourselves and others AND the Universe – it doesn’t always give us the answer straight away and it most often doesn’t give us the answer our human ego wants but will prove the one that is best for us.

Some associations for the direction of East:

Now you may have very different associations here but some of mine are – dawn, rosy sunrise, air, the birds dawn chorus, birds (in general), yellow, Beith (Ogham for Birch), new beginnings, renewal, Sylphs (spirits of air), Aventurine, Yellow Jasper, Lavender, Eyebright, Meadowsweet.

Daily Om ~ Your Perfect Teacher

drawnflowerAll the situations in our lives, from the insignificant to the major, teach us exactly what we need to be learning. Many of us long to find a spiritual teacher or guru. We may feel unsure of how to practice our spirituality without one, or we may long for someone who has attained a higher level of insight to lead the way for us. Some of us have been looking for years to no avail and feel frustrated and even lost. The good news is that the greatest teacher you could ever want is always with you—that is your life.

The people and situations we encounter every day have much to teach us when we are open to receiving their wisdom. Often we don’t recognize our teachers because they may not look or act like our idea of a guru, yet they may embody great wisdom. In addition, some people teach us by showing us what we don’t want to do. All the situations in our lives, from the insignificant to the major, conspire to teach us exactly what we need to be learning at any given time. Patience, compassion, perseverance, honesty, letting go—all these are covered in the classroom of the teacher that is your life.

We can help ourselves to remember this perfect teacher each day with a few simple words. Each morning we might find a moment to say, “I acknowledge and honour the teacher that is my life. May I be wise enough to recognize the teachers and lessons that I encounter today, and may I be open to receiving their wisdom.” We might also take some time each day to consider what our lives are trying to teach us at this time. A difficult phase in your relationship with your child may be teaching you to let go. The homeless person you see every day may be showing you the boundaries of your compassion and generosity. A spate of lost items may be asking you to be more present to physical reality. Trust your intuition on the nature of the lesson at hand, work at your own pace, and ask as many questions as you want. Your life has all the answers.

Source: Daily Om

Daily Om ~ Warning Signs

red-flagRed flags often come in the form of feelings urging us to pause for a moment, listen to our intuition, and reconsider. Just as the universe wants to provide for our needs, it also seeks to protect us from dangerous situations, destructive relationships, and even minor inconveniences. Frequently in our lives, perhaps everyday, we encounter psychic red flags warning us of potential problems or accidents. We may not always recognize the signs. However, more often than not, we may choose to ignore our intuition when it tells us that “something just isn’t right.”

Red flags often come in the form of feelings urging us to pause for a moment, listen to our intuition, and reconsider. We may even experience a “bad” feeling in our bellies. This is a red flag letting us know that there may be a problem. We may not even know what the red flag is about. All we know is that the universe is trying to wave us in a different direction. We just have to pay attention and go another way. We may even wonder whether we are paranoid or imagining things. However, when we look back at a situation or relationship where there were red flags, it becomes easy to understand exactly what those warning signs meant. More often than not, a red flag is not a false warning. Rather, it is the universe’s way of informing us, through our own innate guidance system, that our path best lies elsewhere.

We may try to ignore the red flags waving our way, dismissing our unease as illogical. Yet it is always in our best interest to pay attention to them. For example, we may meet someone who outwardly seems perfect. They are intelligent, attractive, and charming. Yet, for some reason, being around them makes us feel uneasy. Any interactions we have with them are awkward and leave us feeling like there is something “off” about the situation. This is not necessarily a bad person. But, for some reason, the universe is directing us away from them. Red flags are intended with our best interests at heart. No harm can ever come from stopping long enough to heed a red flag. Pay attention to any red flags that pop up. The universe is always looking out for you.

Source: Daily Om

Daily Om ~ Importance of Second Chances

Everyone deserves to be given a second chance in life and the opportunity for forgiveness. When we meet someone for the first time, we often create a defining image in our minds of who that person is. We may also determine whether or not that someone is worth getting to know. Sometimes when an initial interaction is particularly uncomfortable or challenging, we can decide to close our hearts to this new acquaintance entirely. But being too quick to judge can cause us to lose out on a potentially wonderful, enriching relationship. First impressions don’t always give the complete picture, so if you meet someone who leaves you less than impressed, consider giving them a second chance. You might be pleasantly surprised.   Everyone deserves to be given a second chance. We know from personal experience how painful it can feel to be misunderstood or judged. We have good hearts and want them to be seen. We have so much to offer and want others to welcome our gifts. When someone shuts us out before they even know who we are, it can feel frustrating, hurtful, and confusing. By giving others a second chance, we can extend the same courtesy we would ask for ourselves. In this way, we set a precedent for all our relationships: to allow everyone the freedom and safety to simply be human. Whether it is a blind date, the man sitting next to you on the airplane, or your new neighbor, everyone has a full life outside of their interaction with you. They may be preoccupied with a personal or business situation that affects the way they are presenting themselves, or maybe they had a rough day or some bad news. If you give them the room to be who they are, where they are, you will allow yourself to do the same! .

When you are considering giving someone a second chance, first check in with your inner knowing. If you find that your intuition is advising you to keep your distance, it is important to honor the guidance you receive. By honoring your intuition when it has wisdom to share, you can feel confident and happy in your decision to give others a second chance.

Daily Card: Island of Many Birds

Today’s card is The Island of Many Birds, the second island that Maelduin visited on his immram. It’s the second island we will visit too. Have you ever seen a bird colony, perhaps a sea-bird colony along cliffs by the sea? If you have (even if only on TV) they are an amazing sight. Yes, extremely noisy but those birds actually can pin point their nests to within a couple of inches amongst the thousands of nesting birds. That’s absolutely amazing. And incoming birds can find their mates, with whom they often pair for life. Watching sea birds in these colonies is an exciting and breath-taking sight for sure. If you cannot see this for real then watch David Attenborough’s A Life of Birds documentary series – it’s awesome! Anyway, here’s what Caitlin says about this card:

The abundant birds of this island are like the many possibilities that surround us in life. In the middle of such abundance it is easy to become confused.

The Challenge

Start to appreciate the riches and resources that lie about you in your life. If you cannot decide on a course of action unaided, then let the Universe decide.

I don’t buy this ‘I don’t have a choice’ attitude. We ALWAYS have some kind of choice, and even doing nothing is, in fact, a choice. It is true that life can feel very confusing at times and quite often we don’t know the right choice to make, or we might have a number of choices that we could make but are unsure which one is the best one. I can fully attest to the feelings of unsettlement  and confusion that brings up in a person. Sometimes, we might want to take the easiest option, or the one that feels the most familiar to us. However, it isn’t always the best choice.  The truth is if we really learn to appreciate all the resources that are available to us it often makes decision making a little easier. So often we don’t realise just how much help and support is out there for us. We feel very alone in our choice making and this needn’t be the case. Of course there are some decisions that are ours alone to make but we can still find support in order to help us make the best one we can make.

Of course quite often we have ‘knee jerk’ reactions that will influence our decisions. These come from years of doing something a certain way and it’s not always easy to change the way we react or the choices that come from them. But if we look at the track record of these knee-jerk influenced decisions we can ask ourselves ‘were these the best decisions I could make?’ Of course some knee jerk reactions are good and help us get out of danger but also they can come from anger, disappointment etc. I know when I’ve been hasty in making a decision or choice based on a knee-jerk reaction I’ve regretted it and sometimes made the situation worse, and quite often for myself. That’s why we have intuition, that gut feeling inside, but the only way to allow intuition to work properly is to listen to it and feel it. It doesn’t work with hastiness. We have to sit with our feelings for a while and do some reflecting…not an easy thing to do at first but, with practise and trusting ourselves, it becomes easier.

If at the end of all this reflection and sitting with our feelings we still don’t know what to do then why not allow the Universe to make the choice for you. The Universe has a grand way of steering you in the right direction if only we allow it to. It only has our highest good at heart and doesn’t have the human ego to contend with, that ego that often makes us charge in to a decision based on the old knee-jerk reaction. Very often the Universe will use synchronicity to help us in making a choice. Synchronicity, simply put, is the occurence of seemingly unrelated experiences and events that when put together form meaning and cohesion. We need to be alert to them because the Universe will use all kinds of means to show them to us and they can come from quite unexpected sources. So be observant!

When you are bombarded by choices and decisions…when you find yourself in the proverbial ‘Island of Birds’ remember that you always have a choice, brainstorm your support systems and allow the Universe to work for your higher good.

The Daily Card: The Enchanted Map ~ Moonlight

I absolutely love today’s card – Moonlight – it kind of reminds me of Blodeuwedd, with the owl in the shadow of the moon. But it also has rather mysterious undertones to it. Here’s what the book says about it:

Your intuition allows you to see beyond the mundane, logical and analytical. Follow it! Moonlight beckons. Come, and trust your intuition to lead you into places that may not seem logical. Your hunches will be right on target. Resist ‘second-guessing’ yourself, for your alternative perception is especially sharp right now. you can see beyond the surface of things and truly read between the lines. This is a good time to use oracle cards or other systems of divination to gain information. Remember that the language of intuition is a symbolic one. It comes subtly through a hunch, a ‘tingling’, a clear sound, or an animal or object crossing your path. Spirit is sending you messages to help you now. Success is yours if you follow the signs.

I think the ‘reversed’ explanation of this card is really apt – avoiding over analysing and overthinking things. We all, at some time, tend to do that and for some of us it became a habit because our intuition lay dormant inside us and we just couldn’t or wouldn’t tap into it. Especially in our Western Society we are not really encouraged to use our intuition, and so we rely on thinking – brain work – because that is what is encouraged in our society. The truth is everyone is born with intuition, it is part of us just like our brains, our hearts, our hands and so forth. However, we are not encouraged to use it because logic rules! Well apparently so but just look at how many illogical goings on there are in the world today.

The book describes intuition as being a hunch, a sound, an animal or object cross our path at a particular time, even a sensation and it is all of these things but more too. How we realise our intuition is as individual as we are. The important task is to learn to listen to our intuition which may have lain dormant for many years. It means not ‘over thinking’ but being alert to our bodies, listening to our inner feelings and really noticing what’s going on around us. Like a muscle it needs to be worked in order to become stronger. The ironic thing is that sometimes when we really pay attention to our intuition we end up doing things that may seem very illogical to those around us, or even ourselves if we are inexperienced with using our intuition. That is because intuition is connected with our Higher Self and that part of us knows what we truly need even before we consciously know it. Our higher Self knows what is truly best for us, even if it is a hard life lesson and sometimes it is. But really working with our intuition can save us a lot of heart ache and trouble in the long run.

I suppose the difficult part is differentiating our true intuition from our ego – what we think is the best path to take. That’s usually ego thinking and often tied up with social norms and expectations. Intuition can be described as counter to that, at least in my experience. When faced with a decision it is always good to not make knee jerk decisions straight away. By mulling things over for a time, or even allowing things to lie we can allow ourselves time to connect to our intuition. And paying attention to synchronicity really helps too – those peculiar events that seem to pop up that really point us in the right direction. These usually come from nature or they can come from other sources too – something a trusted friend might say, which is then backed up by something you might read, and then backed up by something you see or observe in nature. Then you know, deep inside that it connects with intuition and you can then make your choice from spirit rather than ego.