Daily Om ~ Cosmic Support

universeNothing happens in our lives and in the world without purpose. The path that speeds us toward our dreams can be a challenging and complex one, so it’s easy to get bogged down in confusion and insecurities. We often hesitate at the start of that path, questioning our purpose or our capabilities. Yet we should be moving forward joyously, eager to discover what destiny has in store for us. The universe has plans for us that eclipse anything we have dreamed of thus far. Though we must work diligently to fulfill our potential and to accomplish our individual missions, the universe is aware of both the quests we chose before birth and the goals we have formulated in adulthood. If we accept that it is watching over us and believe that it will facilitate our eventual success, the universe will provide us with the assistance and opportunities that enable us to make significant progress on our journeys of ambition.

Nothing happens without a purpose. Whether we attract success or repel it depends on our willingness to stay open to a wide range of possibilities and to embrace concepts like synchronicity. The universe is always ready to care for our needs, but we must not write off its loving attention as mere circumstance or chance. Likewise, we must endeavor to ensure that our egos do not become a barrier that prevents us from recognizing that even perceived mistakes and strife can be profound lessons that smooth the progress of personal evolution. When we understand that we only need to enthusiastically try our best to realize our objectives, the universe will take care of the details, propelling us forward in its unstoppable current. We may not always immediately understand the significance of certain experiences, but our trust will help us choose wisely at each crossroads.

The universe wants to see you accomplish your goals. No matter how long you’ve dallied or hesitated, it will always be there to put its plan for you in motion at the first sign of your faith. You can make the most of this aid by acquiescing to it rather than fighting it—nurture your dreams but do not attempt to micromanage every detail along the way. The universe will provide you with guidance and, if you heed that guidance, you will find your formerly stressful quest for success will become a journey of great joy.

Source: Daily Om


Daily Om ~ Personal Power

dancingPower is not about exerting our will over others, it is about being in complete truth with yourself. Many of us have do not understand what personal power means. We have been given the false notion that power is bad—that it is something we use to exert our will upon others. In fact, when our personal power is intact, we are neither overbearing nor meek. We have a clear sense of our strength and the impact we can have on others. This actually enables us to be more sensitive. Personal power is what permits us to work on behalf of our dreams and desires. It allows us to realize that we are worthy and deserve to be heard. In addition, our personal power lets us extend the respect we know that we deserve to the people around us. There is no reason to be afraid or ashamed of fully owning your power.

In the chakra system, the solar plexus is the seat of personal power. One way to evaluate your sense of power is to breathe into this part of the body. If it feels tight or nervous, it is an indication that you may not be fully expressing your power. You can heal this imbalance by expanding the area of the solar plexus with your breath. You can also visualize a bright yellow sun in this part of your body. Allow its heat to melt any tension, and let its light dissolve any darkness or heaviness. Repeating this exercise on a regular basis can restore and rejuvenate your sense of power.

Another way to nurture your personal power is to honour your dreams and desires by making concrete plans to manifest them in the world. Start by making a list of things you want, and let yourself think big. Choose one goal from the list and commit to bringing it to fruition. In addition, break the goal into tasks that you can work on each day. Know that you deserve to have your dreams come true and that you have the power to bring them into being.

Source: Daily Om

Daily Om ~ Surrender Box

surrenderbox1A surrender box is a tool to let go of our burdens so the universe can take care of them for us. There are times when our minds become too full. Our to-do lists, worries, plans, and dreams may be so crowded together in our heads that we don’t have room to think. We may believe that we are somehow taking care of our desires and concerns by keeping them at the forefront of our minds. In maintaining our mental hold on every detail, however, we may actually delay the realization of our dreams and the resolution of our worries because we won’t let them go. At times such as these, we may want to use a surrender box.

A surrender box allows us to let go of our worries and desires so the universe can take care of them for us. We write down what we want or need to happen and then place the note into a box. By writing and placing our thoughts in the box, we are taking action and letting the universe know we need help and are willing to surrender our feelings. We give ourselves permission to not concern ourselves with that problem any longer and trust that the universe is taking care of it. You may even want to decorate your box and place it in a special place. Your surrender box is a sacred container for your worries. Not only do you free up space in your mind by letting go of our worries and desires and dropping them into your surrender box, but you are giving your burden over to a higher power. Once we drop our worries and desires into the surrender box, we free our minds so we can be fully present in each moment.

Surrendering our worries and concerns and placing them in the hands of the universe doesn’t mean that we’ve given up or have been defeated. Instead, we are releasing the realization of our desires and the resolution of our worries and no longer concerning ourselves with their outcomes. It’s always fun to go back and pull the slips of paper out of the box once your requests have been granted. And it’s amazing how quickly problems go away and dreams come true when we finally let go and allow a higher power to help us.



Source: Daily Om

G is for Growing

rose60-pinkorangeThis is my second post for The Pagan Blog Project ‘G’ week but also a journal post too. I think it’s high time I just meandered my thoughts down on paper…well on the screen. It’s a funny old world isn’t it, you have ideas and dreams and suddenly, if you’re working in line with them to cause their fruition, then something blossoms. I’ve been thinking a lot recently about how we grow spiritually, and I guess I should really say evolve but it’s growing too. You’ll all know by now that my speciality is herbalism – I love plants in all their wonderful glory; from the tiny daisy to the fantastic tropical trees. I never thought I’d be a herbalist though. Over the years I’ve nurtured a great interest in plants and this interest kind of grew without me even really doing anything about it but I guess it is my deep love of nature. Then my wanting to help others in some way. How could I do this? I had a deep urge to be a healer but of what kind? I am a master in Celtic Reiki and also a crystal healer but plants urged me on from tiny seedling thoughts of being a plant healer to actually doing something about it via certification.

Of course it is my belief that plants offer us insights that require no paper certificates but in this world I’m afraid some kind of professional standing is valued. But I’m really a down to earth woman of wort cunning even though I’ve done professional courses (and am still doing this actually as I’m taking a Masters in Phytotherapy). However, it’s really nothing extraordinary – anyone can do this…all you have to do is spend time with plants and trees and truly get to know them and they will impart their wisdom and knowledge to you. Of course getting to know other like-minded herbalists is important too.

Anyway, I digress because this post is really about how we evolve on our spiritual path if we are open-hearted and open-minded enough. When I look back at who I was at the very beginning of my pagan path I was really an entirely different person to who I am today. I had fixed ideas about who I should be; what kind of pagan I was or wanted to be, called myself a Wiccan and followed quite a strict Wiccan protocol. But over the years this has changed quite dramatically – yes I am an initiated Priestess in a Wiccan Coven and I don’t regret this decision and being part of this group is very important to me. But my path has diverged into many different branches since then. I feel I’ve truly become a tree!

I guess my spirituality is very eclectic with old ways witchcraft roots, shamanism, Daoism as well as Wicca. Some would call this a mish-mash and probably berate me but I just think this is what my Spirit wants – this is the human experience my Spirit incarnated to have. After all, when I pass over all this will be gone…only Spirit remains and the material will not matter. So I’m passed worrying about whether or not I have a particular religion or set of protocols to follow. I just do what Spirit and the Universe encourage me to do.

How do I know? Well, actually I think synchronicity plays a huge part in knowing if I’m on the right track or not. The more open I am the more meaningful synchronicity happens. Then there are those things that happen to warm me off a course of action. Of course, being human I don’t always see, or even if I do see I don’t always pay attention, or choose to ignore and then I pay the consequences. But even these are lessons to learn. Each choice we make is an opportunity for our Spirits to learn. Even choice and actions that don’t work out the way we want are important for our growth. When we think of ourselves within the tree metaphor we can see how many branches and twigs there are on a tree and each one of these can be choices and actions, some working out and producing new growth and some not. But it’s all ok because they’re all part of the overall beauty of the tree, which is each one of us as individuals.

V is for…Visions of the New Year

I’m a bit late in posting the V posting for Pagan Blog Project…oops! Nevermind. To be honest I didn’t know what to write about for V but then I read someone else’s posting and it kind of inspired me…and also since my New Year happens at Samhain, I have just jotted down my goals for the coming year. I guess for some of you it might seem a bit weird having a New Year on the 31st October but it is in keeping with my Celtic tradition since Samhain was always considered the end of the old year and the beginning of the New Year by my ancestors. So yes, of course I’m in 2012 still but that’s linear time and by cyclic, natural time it’s the New Year and I have some really positive visions for it.

Visions, or envisioning has become quite important to me. No, it doesn’t mean I live in the future because it is only the NOW that really matters but it is good to envision what I’d like to accomplish this coming year. It gives me a focus and something to work towards. since my oracle card this week, from Mickie Mueller’s wonderful Voice of the Trees deck is Nuin, or Ash, I think transformation and action is really on the cards (excuse the pun LOL). I do think I’m ready for some transformative action although I have to admit I’m a little apprehensive. Why so? Because I guess I’m in a human body and still have to deal with fear sometimes, fear of the unknown although as soon as I bring my mind back to the present moment this dissipates. But if I don’t take action nothing will ever change or transform. I have gotten out of thinking action has to be really great big steps – actually tiny eeny weeny steps towards a goal are probably more manageable for me. And I keep the Ash card right out in front of my on my desk to remind me each day.

So what do I envision for this coming year? Well, in setting my goals I have decided to keep them manageable and if I go above and beyond then that’s an added bonus. One of my goals is to actually begin to offer my healing services to the public (so watch this space!). Another goal is to revisit The Chelsea Physic Garden in London but at a better time of year. Another goal is to submit my 3rd Degree assessment to my Coven because I’ve been sitting on it way too long now. I also want to continue my botanical and herbal studies, finish my Sacred Mists Herbalist Course final and continue with my Masters in Phytotherapy (although I won’t complete it this year). I also want to sort out and maintain my garden because I’ve kind of let it go too much this year. Another goal is to take part in the next Pagan Blog Project because I’ve really enjoyed participating in this one. I think probably my most important goal is to not allow my own health problems to interfere with what I want to achieve. If I can muster the inner strength to cope with my CFS and other health problems then I think I can achieve my other goals too.

So I feel rather positive about the coming year. I know there will be hurdles to jump over (or clamber over in my case but clambering is ok), and difficulties to overcome along the way but that’s life isn’t it. I know that by endeavouring to stay in the present will help me enormously.

Daily Om ~ Take Action

In order to make our dreams come true, we must take action rather than simply wishing for what we want.

There is a popular misconception that we might be able to just wish our dreams into being. Maybe on some other level of consciousness this is the case, but here on earth what we need to do is take action in our lives. Vision is an important companion to our efforts, but it can’t accomplish anything all by itself. When we focus on what we want and ask for what we want, we are initiating a conversation with the universe. Our desires, passionately defined and expressed, bring about valuable and relevant opportunities, which we then respond to by either taking or leaving them.

Many of us are afraid to step out into the world and make things happen, and so we hang back, dreaming and waiting and watching. There are times in life when this is the right thing to do, but this phase of inaction must eventually give way to its opposite if we are to build our dreams into a reality. This can be really scary, and we may fail and struggle, but that’s okay because that’s what we’re supposed to do. Waiting for everything to be perfect before we act, or waiting for what we want to be handed to us, leaves us waiting forever. No one expects us to be perfect, so the best thing we can do for ourselves is to get out there and take action on our dreams.

One of the hardest parts about having a vision is that when we test it in the laboratory of life, it often comes out looking completely different than what we had in mind or, worse, it doesn’t come out at all. If you read the life stories of people who have brought their dreams into reality, you will hear many stories about this experience. But you will also hear about hard work, taking action, perseverance, and, finally, the successful birthing of a dream.


I’ve decided to have a little rest from the Celtic Book of the Dead, somehow I’m not getting inspired by it right now. So I was rummaging around my HUGE box of Oracle decks and came across one of my old favourites – The Osho Zen Tarot, which I’ve had for a long time but have not looked at recently (well for a long time actually). Suddenly I felt that this deck was something I had to be using right now. I don’t pull a card every day – just when I feel the need to and the one I pulled a few days ago was Courage (Major Arcana VIII). Here’s what the LWB says:

This card shows a small wild flower that has met the challenge of the rocks and stones in its path to emerge into the light of day. Surrounded by an aura of bright golden light, it exposes the majesty of its tiny self. Unashamed, it is equal to the brightest sun. When we are faced with a very difficult situation we have a choice: we can either be resentful, and try to find somebody or something to blame for the hardships, or we can face the challenge and grow. The flower shows us the way, as its passion for life leads it out of the darkness and into the light. There is no point fighting against the challenges of life, or trying to avoid or deny them. They are there, and if the seed is to become the flower we must go through them. Be courageous enough to grow into the flower you are meant to be.

In his book Tarot in the Spirit of Zen, Osho describes each one of us as a seed. That is how we begin life, a seed full of potential but nothing else. In fact a seed only has four potentialities: to be a seed forever, closed, not in communication with existence. He even likens the seed to being dead because life means communion with existence. Being fully alive means having a dialogue with all that exists. to remain a seed for ever is sad because it means your potential is never realised and you will never receive the blessings of the Universe.

The second possibility is that the seed is courageous enough to dive deep into the soil and drop its outer shell of hardness, which Osho likens to our egos. The outer shell of the seed acts as a protection for the seed and this is what our egos do – cuts us off from fully experiencing life and keeps us within a hard armour-like shell. to cast off the outer shell means taking a huge risk. for the seed, who knows whether or not it will survive? It may not survive, it may die but without taking the risk, which entails great courage, it will never know, never possibly realise its potential of becoming a flower. So too we need to take the risk to cast off our armour-plating and leave ourselves vulnerable to all life will shower us with. But if we don’t cast off our protection we too will never know, we will always remain dead.

It is a risk, it is a gamble, to cast off our egos. It means dropping the protection and security of the ego and opening the doors and windows to life itself…and who knows what will happen. There are no givens, no securities, no sure things when it comes to playing the game of life. By emerging from our protection we become vulnerable that doesn’t feel very safe or pleasant at first. That’s what seeking is about. The explorer goes off on his expedition and while he might take along a map, GPS, equipment and so forth, he doesn’t really know what’s going to happen. Will he come out of the jungle alive? Who really knows.

So, if we are courageous enough we become tiny plants – seedlings – and oh so weak, soft, delicate…and vulnerable. Remember, while we were seeds we were never in danger, we had our ego protection but we were also dead. Now we have taken the huge risk to cast off the security and become small growing plants, growing in the beautiful and nourishing soil of life.  But we are in danger, just like a physical plant, we can be uprooted, squashed down, poisoned, eaten by a multitude of creatures. But the seed (ego) is dissolving and becoming part of the earth – we disappear as an ego and we are transforming into something else – a plant!

The third stage, as Osho points out is very rare, when the plant actually blooms. Some plants will never develop enough to bloom but all plants have that potential if they have the right nurturing. We, as plants, in order to bloom need love. The poisons that can stop us from blooming, that stunt us are greed, non-sharing and unlovingness. If we are not willing to love, to share and hoard then we will never reach the third stage – that of flowering. It’s not just about sharing with and loving others either. It’s about sharing with and loving ourselves too. So courage is needed to become the plant, and love is needed to become the flower. The seed only takes – it only takes from the soil. so we too, within our protective ego state only take; we do not give. But once we have dropped the ego we can give and share our flowers with life. We have become something more than ourselves, our personalities.

The final possibility is that of fragrance. A plant and a flower is still material, physical. But fragrance is subtle – you cannot hold it, or see it…you can only sense it. Fragrance always moves upwards – it is ethereal and moves upwards from the physical and finally disappears into the Universe and becomes one with it. This can be likened to pure enlightenment. Or I guess in a more tangible sense it can be likened to the death of the physical body. I think it is both actually but I think very few people really reach this state of pure enlightenment while living on this earth. However, that does not mean we just don’t bother. We all have the potential to reach perfect enlightenment, in whatever way is right for us. But we need courage to drop our ego, drop our securities, drop the safety nets and become vulnerable. But once we have become a plant we then need to continue the work in order to blossom, to share and to love ourselves and others in the Web of Life – and that means all others, human, animal, plant and mineral.

These stages take a lifetime, and perhaps for some of us many life times, but the wonderful thing is we are always…ALWAYS given the opportunity and that is a very great blessing.