Eclipses by Karina BlackHeart

sunlight treesOn April 25 2013, there will be a partial Lunar Eclipse.  Always, on the dark moon following a lunar eclipse, there is a Solar Eclipse.  That one is scheduled for the full moon on May 10. The Lunar Eclipse will be visible in Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.  The Solar Eclipse will be visible in Australia, New Zealand and the Central Pacific.

During a Lunar Eclipse, the Moon passes through the shadow of the Earth.  In other words, the Earth passes between Sun and Moon, casting a shadow on the moon.

During a Solar Eclipse, the Moon passes between Sun and Earth blocking the light of the Sun.

Astrologers describe eclipses as times when either something which has been hidden will suddenly be revealed and/or something we perceive as stable will be eclipsed out of our lives.

Both Dark and Full Moon phases are powerful in their own right, but an eclipse tends to amp up and intensify that energy.  The energy of an eclipse can last up to a full lunar cycle (28 days), so even if you don’t feel the effects immediately, keep alert!

Eclipse energy is intense.  Rarely, do we find ourselves unaffected. It’s a good idea to consult an astrologer who’ll provide more information as to the aspects surrounding an eclipse (or any Full or Dark Moon, for that matter).  This information will help prepare you for what might be manifesting as a result of the eclipse.

That said, as Witches we want to be the actors rather than being acted upon.  In other words, astrological events are but one of an infinite number of energies flowing through, in and around us at any given moment.  Eclipse energy is big.  Burying our head in the sand won’t keep us from being impacted but, we can be prepared and we can decide how best to flow with and utilize the energy.

A Witch bows before no one–not even the stars and heavenly bodies!  In other words, we needn’t be enslaved by astrology or any other system.  Do as you Will!

As you research and think about the upcoming eclipses, it might be useful to think about and work magic toward the following ends:

Lunar Eclipse:  What is currently in shadow which could use a little more light shining on it?  What needs to be revealed so it can be dealt with and resolved?

Solar Eclipse:  What needs to be “eclipsed” out of your life?  In other words, what are you ready to release and be done with once and for all?

I’m discussing this now so you have a little time to approach these questions and prepare your magic.  Yes, the eclipses will impact us irregardless of our magical intent.  Yet, we can (and should) also align our intention with their energies to bring about the effects we desire in our lives.

Written by Karina BlackHeart


Chiron:The Wounded Healer

Chiron is both Archetype of The Wounded Healer and Your Soul Key. When Chiron travels through a sign it will bring the old wounds to the surface for healing.

Chiron is travelling through the sign of Aquarius from 2005 until February 2011. During this time we are being asked to heal old wounds around being part of the human race, of being in a group. Aquarius is a fixed air sign, so it is challenging our deeply held beliefs and ideas that no longer serve us.

To understand Chiron we need to look at his story.

Chiron was a centaur, half man and half horse and unusual because he was wise and civilised. He was the child of Cronos (Saturn) and Phyllra. Saturn, king of the gods at the time, was highly sexed and chased all the goddesses. Phyllra was a nymph who tried to escape from him by turning herself into a horse. But Saturn found her, turned himself into a horse and raped her.

Chiron was born half human and half horse. Phyllra refused to even look at her baby, calling him an abomination. So Chiron was rejected by his mother.

He was adopted by Apollo, the Sun God who was his teacher (see pic above). Chiron was brave, wise and warm hearted with healing skills. He was the astrologer-teacher, a mentor who initiated heroes including Achilles, Orpheus, Jason and Hercules. He became their mentor and like a foster parent to them. He was the priest king of the centaurs.

One day at a party he gets accidentally wounded by a poisoned arrow dropped by Hercules onto his thigh. In agonising pain he could not heal himself, nor could he die because he was half immortal.

Eventually the gods let him swap places with Prometheus, who was being punished daily. Chiron was willing to give up his immortality so Prometheus could be released. This act of heroism was rewarded by the gods who placed him in the heavens as the constellation of Sagittarius.

“Chiron also considers the ultimate act of heroism to be the transformation of self. In this regard the mythological god, Chiron, gave up his immortality in order to save another, stating in mythological terms that the teacher must die in order for the student to truly live.”

Chiron’s story is also about shame. Chiron is rejected by his mother simply for being himself. And often Chiron’s placement in the natal chart indicates where we are carrying some deep shame about who we are. What isn’t perfect about us often becomes an incredible cross to bear. And even if we work hard to hide it or deny it, that shame lurks in the shadows, waiting to erupt. And when Chiron connects with a personal planet it gets triggered.

Maverick, Holistic Healer, Ecologist, Mentor, Rainbow Bridge, Shaman.

Chiron has an affinity with Sagittarius and also with Virgo as the sign connected with healing and medicine. It has a very elliptical orbit of 50 years and it originated from the Kuiper Belt near Pluto. This area is full of cosmic debris, thought by many to be left over from the Big Bang, the Creation of the Universe. Pluto represents the Underworld, or what lies hidden and buried from us deep in the unconscious mind.

Chiron orbits between Saturn and Uranus
The last visible planet in our solar system, Saturn is pure form, structure, past orientated and totally predictable. Saturn is Old Father Time and Death, the ending of all things. Uranus represents the Rebel, the eccentric, the future and is totally unpredictable. Uranus is out to shock and cares nothing for morals. Thus Saturn v Uranus represents the old versus the new. The old fogy versus the teenager.

Chiron acts as a Bridge between these energies. It’s aim is to bring structure to innovative ideas. Chiron is a KEY, a Gateway and is not restricted by time. Rather it represents the shaman’s journey. As Saturn opposes Uranus 5 times commencing Nov 4 2008 until 2010 it is vital to bring these energies together.

Chiron is half man, half horse. This split is the division between the lower instinctual half with the upper higher spiritual half. In the body the lower chakras are to do with the physical and material realm of survival, emotions such as fear, fight or flight.

In the birth chart we have this split in the horizon between day and night. We incarnate from the 12th house (the womb) into the 1st (the physical body)- a major transformation between two worlds. We have all been on a Shaman journey by the mere fact of being born!

This is a split between the conscious and unconscious. Chiron is associated with the 6th house of healing and the sign of Virgo. The 6th house shows our habits, our daily rituals and is the daily rituals such as brushing our teeth, that affect our well being.

The most important shift in healing today is the recognition of the power of the mind. As Mercury governs Virgo this brings in the concept of daily practise using communication through ‘doing’. Virgo is an earth sign which is essentially practical.

Pioneers such as Louise Hay in 1984 knew the power of daily affirmations to retrain the mind and bring wholeness.

Human beings are story tellers. We need to let others tell their stories so we can appreciate their efforts, their struggles and their successes. But if the story is being repeated constantly then it’s time to look at what lies at its root.

The dark stories come from the unconscious which speaks to us through metaphors and symbols. Once understood they can be reframed and the mind shown that it’s now helpful to let go of its long held beliefs.

Source: Healing Stars (internet)

Dog Days…of Summer

If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, today marks the start of the dog days of summer – literally! While most people think it’s just a colloquialism, the term “dog days” was actually coined by the Ancient Romans. These early astrologers were keen observers of the stars, and when Sirius (or “The Dog Star”) appeared in the sky each year from July through September they believed it increased the heat of the Sun. The Dog Star is the brightest star in the constellation Canis Major – or “bigger dog.”

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