Daily Om ~ Spider Energy

imagesCAXCYPPGThe feminine energy of spiders reminds us that we have the ability to weave our lives into strong beautiful works of art. We may not realize that the sight of a spider’s web glistening in the sun, the beads of morning dew catching the light to shine like diamonds on an intricate necklace, may carry a message for us. Their beauty belies their strength because though they are spun from thin strands of silk, they can hold the weight of the dew and capture nourishment in their nets as well. This paints an accurate picture of the traits of the weaver, the spider. Their feminine energy reminds us that we have the ability to weave our lives into strong, useful, and beautiful works of art. Though people may have an instinctive fear response to spiders, we can look beyond the physical instinct to understand the spiritual message they may be bringing us.

Among the various Native American traditions, spider medicine has been known to represent creativity. Her eight legs represent the four winds of change and the four directions on the medicine wheel, while her body is in the shape of the infinity symbol, which represents infinite possibilities. Spider was said to have woven the alphabet, creating the means for people to communicate and record their history through language. Just like the Greek myth of the Fates, three women who weave the tapestry of life, spiders are said to weave the creative forces that bring forth the intricately symmetrical patterns of our lives.

So if a spider has wandered into your line of sight, she may be bringing you one of several messages. She could be reminding you of the infinite possibilities you can draw from to create your life. Perhaps her message is to check your email or “the Web” to see if communication you sent has captured something. You might even want to refer to old journals to look for patterns recorded in your personal history. As spider weaves her web, you too can weave your reality and your future. Her medicine could be reminding you that as the creator of your life you need to have the courage to reach out and create your own intricately beautiful and strong tomorrows. If you don’t pay attention, spider may feel the need to bite you to get your attention. If this happens, investigate what that part of the body represents to gain further information about your message from spider medicine.

Source: Daily Om


Daily Om ~ The Ecology Around You

raccoonsNature is all around us and there is a plethora in every neighborhood, one only needs to become still and watch. Because both cities and tightly packed suburbs offer wildlife bountiful nooks and crannies in which to hide, it can be difficult to spot the animals that live in our midst. Many thrive among paved streets, sidewalks, buildings, parking lots, and high-rises. There are animals in abundance burrowing in the soil of center medians and tiny backyard gardens, making nests in the trees that line broad and busy avenues, and buzzing round the flowers that beautify our parks. To find these creatures, we only need to stop, look, and listen. Nature’s drama is continually playing out on the window ledges where weary birds stop to roost, in the shadowy places where cautious nocturnal mammals wait for night’s mantel to fall, and the fountains where playful waterfowl splash and frolic. In observing the animals that share our habitat, we become a part of their beautiful, complex, and exciting world.

Season by season, cities offer diverse ecosystems for you to explore. If your search for urban and suburban wildlife is challenging, try to look at your community with an animal’s eyes. Where there are shrubs and flowers, insects such as butterflies, ladybugs, beetles, and spiders can usually be found. The insects, in turn, attract the birds who feast upon them. Even the smallest green spaces are hosts to squirrels, rabbits, chipmunks, and moles. Decorative awnings offer falcons a place to raise their young. At night, a different community of animals wakens to the world. Raccoons, skunks, and possums emerge to examine our human leftovers for edibles. Even pets feel the call of the wild—it’s not uncommon for well-fed cats in colorful collars to stalk the streets in search of prey. Signs of habitation, like nests or hives, and audible evidence, like chirps, will help you find them.

Recognizing that you share your city with a wide range of animals can make you feel like a part of the grand circle of life and help you appreciate the importance of a healthy urban environment. You can admire the hardiness and adaptability of the urban animal while developing a sense of stewardship that inspires you to become their champion. The shrill calls of birds, the hum of bees, and the sweet squeaks of city-dwelling mammals can be a symphony that help you develop a deeper connection with the nature world.

Source: Daily Om

Daily Om ~ Squirrel Medicine

Eastern_Grey_SquirrelSquirrel medicine reminds us to set aside a portion of our most precious resources as an investment in the future. Native Americans considered all living beings as brothers and sisters that had much to teach including squirrels. These small creatures taught them to work in harmony with the cycles of nature by conserving for the winter months during times when food was plentiful. In our modern world, squirrels remind us to set aside a portion of our most precious resources as an investment in the future. Though food and money certainly fall into this category, they are only some of the ways our energy is manifested. We can conserve this most valuable asset by being aware of the choices we make and choosing only those that nurture and sustain us. This extends to the natural resources of our planet as well, using what we need wisely with the future in mind.

Saving and conservation are not acts of fear but rather affirmations of abundance yet to come. Squirrels accept life’s cycles, allowing them to face winters with the faith that spring will come again. Knowing that change is part of life, we can create a safe space, both spiritually and physically, that will support us in the present and sustain us in the future. This means not filling our space with things, or thoughts, that don’t serve us. Without hoarding more than we need, we keep ourselves in the cyclical flow of life when we donate our unwanted items to someone who can use them best. This allows for more abundance to enter our lives, because even squirrels know a life of abundance involves more than just survival.

Squirrels use their quick, nervous energy to enjoy life’s adventure. They are great communicators, and by helping each other watch for danger, they do not allow worry to drain them. Instead, they allow their curious nature to lead the way, staying alert to opportunities and learning as they play. Following the example set by our squirrel friends, we are reminded to enjoy the journey of life’s cycles as we plan and prepare for a wonderful future, taking time to learn and play along the way.

Source: Daily Om

Daily Om ~ Animals in Nature

Animals in nature always have a message for us, start noticing what animals show up in your life and when.

Animals share our planet with us, but experience it differently—each has its own abilities and gifts that allow them to interact successfully with the natural world. Since we are merely one manifestation of the universe’s energy in action, when we feel the need for direction we can turn to animals in nature for guidance. Animals can show us different ways to approach and deal with our challenges.

As we hold a question in mind, we can begin to pay attention to the animal activity around us. Staring out a window we may notice a bird soaring high in the sky, showing us how to look at our situation from a greater distance. If we don’t get an immediate answer, we can remember that the universe has its own perfect timing that doesn’t heed the ticking of the clock. Instead, we can release our question into the universe’s care, and then trust that an animal messenger will carry inspiration our way. In the meantime, we align ourselves with the universe’s rhythm—opening, humbling ourselves, and shifting our perceptions so that at the perfect time we will be ready. Then, even weeks later, the sight of a small bird hopping from branch to branch may signal for us to use a talent other than our greatest strength and to take small leaps rather than fly over details. A squirrel bounding across an open expanse of grass to stash its latest prize may remind us to check our favourite hiding places for forgotten treasure. Even if we don’t see actual animals, their representations may hold messages; whether we see them in a shape in the clouds, a picture, or a show on television, their symbolic meaning is the same.

Animals are closer to the rhythms and cycles of nature and have fewer distractions from it than humans do. That is why they are the perfect messengers when we are in need of advice. Just by being themselves they remind us of the wisdom of the universe, and that all answers are available to us when we reconnect with our source and with those who know how to be nurtured by it.

Children always help

I mean FURchildren that is! Of course my dear daughter helps but she is all grown up and with a wonderful partner, soon-to-be-hubby, so I have my furchildren for company now…kitties of course…Slippers (the eldest and a bit of a crotchety old thing), Pippin (who is the naughty one and I strongly believe to be a ginger lion just pretending to be a tortie cat)…and then there’s Oscar (my adopted furchild, who is actually the neighbour’s cat but who hangs around like a bad smell). I love all three of them, with their different personalities. They all bring a special something to my life, along with many laughs and much joy.

Of course I’m a sucker for these cats (as with any animal actually) and they draw me irrevocably into their magic spell, usually done with their eyes, and in Pippin’s case her meows as she is very vocal. How can I resist? I cannot!

So as I made Full Moon water last night I was out this morning taking photos of it for my previous article, and of course the furchildren had to come and inspect it, just to make sure it was all up to snuff. They do this with everything I do, even Oscar has begun to dip his nose into everything too…not that I mind. If I create a crystal grid, one of them (usually Pippin) will come up to inspect the lay out and will rearrange the crystals with her paws if she thinks they lay out is no good. When I made my Ogham fews she had to inspect and test them by chewing on the ends to see if they were up to the intended job. Living with kitty furchildren is always a bit unpredictable but always a joy.

Anyway, I took some pictures of them this morning and they all insist I share them with you…so here you are, welcome to my clan:

Oscar inspecting Full Moon Water

Pippin on the prowl

Pippin sniffing a flower

Pippin sneezing

Pippin, the aftermath of the sneeze

Slippers comes out to see what all the fuss is about…she’s not impressed.

Slippers…nope, she’s definitely not impressed.

If you click on each picture you can see a clearer larger size.

M is for Magic

Now I’m not going to debate the why’s and wherefore’s of spelling Magic with a ‘k’ at the end or not. No, this is just a post about how wonderful magic is and how you don’t have to be a witch or a druid to see it, feel it and use it. This is my personal belief about Magic.

You see magic is energy, pure and simple, and it is also about the manipulation of energy. Of course energy can be manipulated for good or bad, but that’s about intent and I’m not going to get into that here either. However, each time you go to bed at night you experience magic, and each time you open your eyes in the morning you experience magic. Magic is all around us and in us…constantly.

How to describe magic? Well I think it is different for each one of us but here are just a few experiences I have of magic:

* Magic is watching my kitties playing

* Magic is smiling at a stranger and seeing them smile back

* Magic is the silver moon at night as it crosses the sky

* Magic is the birdsong first thing in the morning

* Magic is seeing the caterpillars in my garden turn into butterflies

* Magic is smelling the fragrant scent of that rose

* Magic is watching a good plan come together

* Magic is feeling the gentle breeze on my face and watching how it moves through long grass

* Magic is watching a huge flock of starlings move together as one entity

* Magic is smelling the freshness of the soil after it’s rained

* Magic is new-mown hay

* Magic is hearing cows lowing in the fields as they wait to be milked

* Magic is sipping a glass of really good wine

* Magic is laughing uncontrollably over nothing with my friends

* Magic is playing silly with my daughter

I could think of so many more experiences but you get the point…yes? But what about those difficult painful moments? What about the times of anger, sorrow and tears? Yes, even they are magic too. You see they are the life lessons. At those moments I may not think of them as magic but in hindsight (or lifesight) I see the magic in them. I am grateful for them because I hopefully learn the lessons they bring. And if I don’t learn those lessons first time round I can be sure the Universe will provide me with another opportunity to learn them…that is magic!

Yes, magic is with us always…always has been and always will be!