Daily Om ~ Spider Energy

imagesCAXCYPPGThe feminine energy of spiders reminds us that we have the ability to weave our lives into strong beautiful works of art. We may not realize that the sight of a spider’s web glistening in the sun, the beads of morning dew catching the light to shine like diamonds on an intricate necklace, may carry a message for us. Their beauty belies their strength because though they are spun from thin strands of silk, they can hold the weight of the dew and capture nourishment in their nets as well. This paints an accurate picture of the traits of the weaver, the spider. Their feminine energy reminds us that we have the ability to weave our lives into strong, useful, and beautiful works of art. Though people may have an instinctive fear response to spiders, we can look beyond the physical instinct to understand the spiritual message they may be bringing us.

Among the various Native American traditions, spider medicine has been known to represent creativity. Her eight legs represent the four winds of change and the four directions on the medicine wheel, while her body is in the shape of the infinity symbol, which represents infinite possibilities. Spider was said to have woven the alphabet, creating the means for people to communicate and record their history through language. Just like the Greek myth of the Fates, three women who weave the tapestry of life, spiders are said to weave the creative forces that bring forth the intricately symmetrical patterns of our lives.

So if a spider has wandered into your line of sight, she may be bringing you one of several messages. She could be reminding you of the infinite possibilities you can draw from to create your life. Perhaps her message is to check your email or “the Web” to see if communication you sent has captured something. You might even want to refer to old journals to look for patterns recorded in your personal history. As spider weaves her web, you too can weave your reality and your future. Her medicine could be reminding you that as the creator of your life you need to have the courage to reach out and create your own intricately beautiful and strong tomorrows. If you don’t pay attention, spider may feel the need to bite you to get your attention. If this happens, investigate what that part of the body represents to gain further information about your message from spider medicine.

Source: Daily Om


Daily Om ~ Squirrel Medicine

Eastern_Grey_SquirrelSquirrel medicine reminds us to set aside a portion of our most precious resources as an investment in the future. Native Americans considered all living beings as brothers and sisters that had much to teach including squirrels. These small creatures taught them to work in harmony with the cycles of nature by conserving for the winter months during times when food was plentiful. In our modern world, squirrels remind us to set aside a portion of our most precious resources as an investment in the future. Though food and money certainly fall into this category, they are only some of the ways our energy is manifested. We can conserve this most valuable asset by being aware of the choices we make and choosing only those that nurture and sustain us. This extends to the natural resources of our planet as well, using what we need wisely with the future in mind.

Saving and conservation are not acts of fear but rather affirmations of abundance yet to come. Squirrels accept life’s cycles, allowing them to face winters with the faith that spring will come again. Knowing that change is part of life, we can create a safe space, both spiritually and physically, that will support us in the present and sustain us in the future. This means not filling our space with things, or thoughts, that don’t serve us. Without hoarding more than we need, we keep ourselves in the cyclical flow of life when we donate our unwanted items to someone who can use them best. This allows for more abundance to enter our lives, because even squirrels know a life of abundance involves more than just survival.

Squirrels use their quick, nervous energy to enjoy life’s adventure. They are great communicators, and by helping each other watch for danger, they do not allow worry to drain them. Instead, they allow their curious nature to lead the way, staying alert to opportunities and learning as they play. Following the example set by our squirrel friends, we are reminded to enjoy the journey of life’s cycles as we plan and prepare for a wonderful future, taking time to learn and play along the way.

Source: Daily Om

The Eagle King

the eagle kingI decided to use a different oracle deck. I’ve been drawn to use Collette Baron Reid’s Wisdom of the Hidden Realms and pulled The Eagle King today.

Rather pertinent I think – about seeing the bigger picture, a vaster perspective, just like the eagle does. Sometimes I do feel like I cannot see the wood for the trees and feel as though I’m going around in circles, both in my mundane life and spiritually. Really I suppose this is sometimes necessary, so one doesn’t miss the lessons and gets another chance at mastery but it’s also good to just allow Spirit to fly like an eagle and know that one’s prayers are reaching The Source, the universe. We, as mere humans, just cannot see all – we’re too puny, but Spirit can and does. At times things might be hidden from us because it’s just not the right time, or we are not ready for the next step but rest assured that time will come, at ‘just’ the right moment.

Daily Om ~ Spiritual Imprints

Everything in nature contains the memory of when they were created and vibrates with that life force.

Everything in the natural world leaves its mark on the earth. The Australian Aborigines, who have one of the longest continuous cultural histories of any group on earth, know this. Dreamtime, the spirituality and culture of the Aborigines, explains the origins and culture of the land and its people. In Aboriginal Dreaming, every meaningful activity, event, or life process is believed to leave behind a vibrational residue. Aborigines speak of the seed power deposited on the earth that all natural life brings forth known as jiva or guruwari. As plants leave an image of themselves as seeds, so too do the oceans, the mountains, and the smallest pebble. Everything in nature contains the memory of when they were created and vibrates with that life force.

“Dreaming,” in Aboriginal culture, is comprised of the knowledge, faith, and practices derived from the stories of creation and the history of Australia. Dreamtime ceremonies, rituals, stories, and drawings describe the time when humans, plants, and animals were created. Often referred to as the time before time, it was during Dreamtime that the ancestral spirits came to earth in human and other forms, creating rivers, lakes, hills, and deserts. When their work was done, the ancestral spirits became a part of the earth, changing into plants, animals, land, and the sky.

The places the ancestral spirits traveled and where they came to rest was told to the Aborigines through Dreaming. Aborigines know that they do not own the land but are a part of it and that it is their duty to respect and look after the earth. Aboriginal Dreaming acknowledges that the ancestral spirits still reside in the natural world and their imprints resonate everywhere.  The past is still alive and breathing today, as it will be in the future.

Wise words from the Wise Owl

And a Man sat alone, drenched deep in sadness. And all the animals drew near to him and said, “We do not like to see you so sad. Ask us for whatever you wish and you shall have it.”

The Man said, “I want to have good sight.” The vulture replied, “You shall have mine.” The Man said, “I want to be strong.” The jaguar said, “You shall be strong like me.” Then the Man said, “I long to know the secrets of the earth.” The serpent replied, “I will show them to you.”

And so it went with all the animals. And when the Man had all the gifts that they could give, he left. Then the owl said to the other animals, “Now the Man knows much, he’ll be able to do many things. Suddenly I am afraid.” The deer said, “The Man has all that he needs. Now his sadness will stop.”

But the owl replied, “No. I saw a hole in the Man, deep like a hunger he will never fill. It is what makes him sad and what makes him want. He will go on taking and taking, until one day the World will say, ‘I am no more and I have nothing left to give.’ ~ Apocalypto

Source: http://ladyfaun.wordpress.com/

Daily Om ~ The Unseen World

Exploring the unseen world can be well worth your while as there are many gifts awaiting you there. Just because we can’t see something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, although this is a common way in which people deny the existence of spirit guides, angels, and other unseen helpers in our lives. However, anyone who has encountered such beings can attest to the fact that they do, indeed, exist, just as our breath exists, keeping us alive, even though we can’t see it. The wind exists, too, but we only know this because we feel it on our skin and hear it moving the leaves on the trees. All around us and within us are things we can’t see, and yet we know they are just as real as the grass beneath our feet.

What we see and don’t see may just be a matter of perspective, like the ladybug who sees the leaf on which she sits, but not the tree the leaf grows on, or the person sitting beneath it. And the person beneath the tree may or may not see the ladybug, depending on where he focuses his attention. Still, all of these things, whether seen or not seen by the person or the ladybug, exist in reality. Some people are more gifted at accessing that which we cannot see, but given an open and willing heart, anyone can tune into the invisible realm and begin to find their way.

Human beings have always done this, and it is only recently that we have fallen into distrusting the existence of what we can’t see. If you have lost touch with the unseen world, all you have to do is resolve to open your heart to its existence, and it will make itself known. Closing your eyes in meditation and visualization, or engaging the unseen through the written word, are just two ways to welcome the invisible back into your life. Whatever you choose to do, cultivating a relationship with that which you can’t see is a time-honored human practice that can greatly enhance your life.

K is for…The Three Kindreds

In my spiritual practice there are three groups, or kindreds, who are very important to me. These kindreds give me a structure to my life as I battle with my own failings and shadow side. They’re not always pleasant to deal with however, but they’re always constructive if I allow them to be. You see, the onus is on me to accept their help and guidance. This is something I am not always willing to do and when that happens things go awry and then I only have myself to blame.

Firstly, The Shining Ones – the deities that I revere. Mainly these are my patron deities of course; Brighid, Cerridwen, Modron and Cernunnos. However this group includes all gods and goddesses, not just from the Celtic pantheon but from every culture. The Shining Ones are within and around us but also transcend us. They guide us, teach us, protect and bless us. They can be harsh as well as benevolent depending on what we need to learn. However, with the harshness come blessings as long as we allow ourselves to be guided by them. The Shining Ones also provide a map for us within mythology and legend. So we can learn an awful lot from reading the stories of old handed down through the years. In my spiritual practice I ask for their aid, protection and blessings and in return honour them. This honouring takes the form of deep reverence and regular offerings. It’s a ghosti relationship, they provide what I need and I reciprocate. I guess some might call it a symbiotic relationship and in this way they are kept alive and active.

Secondly, The Spirits of Nature, or what I refer to as the Green Clan. Of course this includes plant and tree spirits, the Stone People (spirits of stones, rocks and minerals of all kinds) and nature, spirits of place but also animal spirits both domestic and wild. In addition I include Elemental Spirits and The Fae in this group also. All these are spirits with whom I have intimate contact, are my guides in this reality and in other realities also. They show me a mirror in which I see all my parts and they help me integrate them. This kindred, for me anyway, tend to be the healers. I think that Spirits will provide you with whatever you need to learn, so will manifest differently for each person. Oh yes, and they shape shift constantly. The Green Clan really keep me on my toes and alert me to my own complacency. They can be tricky so one has to tread carefully, and if you don’t appreciate them they’ll be gone in a flash. So how do I appreciate and honour them? Well it all depends on the particular spirit involved and I usually ask them in person while doing a shamanic journey. Their requirements can be quite weird I can tell you. One once asked for raw steak!

Last but not least, The Ancestors. This group not only includes my own blood relatives but every person who has gone before because to me we are all connected no matter whether we are blood related or not. After all we all share a common ancestor don’t we – the first humans. However, mainly I work with my own ancestors and paying off the karmic debt that has been accrued. You see a lot of my ancestors are in pain and through me things can be made right again. The Ancestors walk every step with me, feel everything I do. Through them I have come to be so I honour them for giving me life on this planet. Within them resides the wisdom of the ages and so they are a deep pool of knowledge and wisdom. I treat them with respect no matter what they did in this Earthly realm. It is possible to respect the person and not necessarily the deed. Humanity, I feel deep down, commands respect even though there are times when I despair of the mess mankind has gotten itself into and feel that the human species should just become extinct.

So, these are the Three Kindreds in my spiritual practice and although I’ve given them an order here, in fact the groups are no more or less important than each other. They have their different remits and operate differently in my life but they are equally as important.  Acknowledging the Kindreds in my life has given me over time a great sense of belonging. There are times when I feel incredibly lonely but then I realise that I’m not ever alone, not ever, and it’s usually at times like these that I’ve been neglecting the Kindreds in some way and need to reflect on what I’m doing with my spiritual practise. But I’ve found that if I’m honest with them and turn my attention to them once more, their forgiveness is available because they don’t operate out of an ego position like humans do, although they are very aware of how we operate. And at times we truly do exasperate them!