Take a deep cleansing breath in…and let it out slowly.

Do this twice more…and relax.

You wake a little before dawn and slide out of your warm bed. You then put on your warm clothes, your gloves and your boots and quietly leave the silent house. As you walk down the garden path your boots crunch on the snow and your breath floats mistily in the frosty air. You carry on walking into the lane and towards the big field at the bottom of it. All around you is a silent hush, so thick it envelopes you like a cloak.

As you enter the field you see a quick movement in front of you. It is hare but you can barely see him in the still dark sky. You stop where you are, pulling your coat closer around you against the chill air, snuggling into its warmth.

Suddenly all around you tiny bright lights appear. They float in the cold air and hang in the bare branches of the trees, sparkling and blinking in a myriad of colours. Hare is excited now and cavorts across the pristine snow, jumping high in the air and turning somersaults.

You watch him with amusement and look around you with silent fascination at the tiny Fae lights surrounding you. Suddenly hare stops cavorting and sits silently on his hind legs, his face turned upwards gazing at the moon. You follow his gaze to where the white orb of the moon hangs in the sky, casting her silvery light on the crisp snow surrounding you. The air is vibrant with expectancy!

Then you begin to see it, a golden light floating slowly down from the sky. As it gets nearer you see it is a large glowing orb of shimmering gold. You and hare stand mesmerized and watch as it finally comes to rest a few feet in front of you.

Then the golden light begins to take shape, a beautiful lady appears, dazzling in her beauty with long flowing flame-like hair and wearing a gown of white studded with thousands of tiny golden pearls. In her arms she carries something but you cannot quite see what it is.

You stand there rooted to the spot and completely awestruck. But the lady smiles gently at you and with a long slender hand beckons you to draw nearer. Both you and hare venture slowly forward. Then you see, the lady holds a child to her breast. It is sleeping with a look of complete contentment on its tiny radiant face.

The woman bends down and strokes hare gently on his furry cheek, which makes him tremble with delight. She then turns to you and stretching her arms out, holds the child towards you.

“Behold” she whispers, “the Sun reborn”.

As she holds the child out the first rays of the rising sun slant across the open field. It is day break and your eyes are suddenly blinded by a dazzling golden light. When you have recovered your senses the lady and the child have disappeared but the sun continues to rise in the sky, casting its warm rays upon your face.

You walk silently back to your home, while hare scampers off to his. You feel an excitement you never felt before and feel honoured to have witnessed the renewal of the God; the rebirth of the Sun.


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