Sit comfortably, relax your muscles starting from your toes right up to your head.

Breath in deeply for the count of three and hold…then breathe out for the count of three. Repeat this three times.

Each time you breathe in you are taking in the peace of the divine and each time you exhale you are breathing out all your worries and concerns.

Be at peace now.


You find yourself just outside a stone circle in a grassy field. The air is chill with the early morning mists that swirl about you and around the grey standing stones. There is no sound as the birds have not yet awoken. All is quiet and the hush is like a blanket around you, cloaking you, protecting you.

You are being drawn into the circle of stones; it’s not a large circle and as you enter you feel as though a veil is being drawn over you like a gossamer spider web. As you stand there just inside the edge you feel a gentle but insistent thrumming – the air seems alive yet all is quiet and nothing moves.

What you are feeling is the energy of the place, the ancient energy that still exists to this day and is even more noticeable at certain times of the year. You begin to slowly walk around the perimeter of the circle, touching each stone gently as you go. The cold rough surface of the stones seem to vibrate with this unseen energy.

You pause at one stone and move up really close to it. Its surface is moist with the mist and dew. It beckons you and you gently press your ear to its cold surface. Suddenly you sense that you hear whispers coming from it…as though the stone itself is talking to you. You sense that the stone holds ancient memories and secrets that it wants to impart to you but you cannot make out the words.

You complete your encircling of the stones and make your way over the dew drenched grass to what you presume to be the middle of the circle. It is a little difficult for you to see because of the mists that swirl around you still. You crouch down on the ground and peer into the white swirling mist. Suddenly the air becomes charged with energy and the hair on the back of your neck begins to prickle.

The white mist begins to part in front of you and you peer into it and out of the mist appears shadows of people slowly walking towards you. You begin to get a little frightened but somehow you feel protected and know that they mean you no harm. The small group of people walk nearer to you and you realise that these are your ancestors; one or two you recognise but some you don’t, even though deep down you seem to have a memory of them.

One of them walks forward and smiles at you. You instinctively recognise this person. Although you don’t see or hear them talk to you, you hear whispering in your mind. This person has a message for you. Listen to this message for it is important.

Then suddenly the people begin to fade and the mist covers them. you are once again all alone in the circle of stones. The whispering has stopped but the energy is still there although not as powerful as before. You rise up and walk back to the edge of the circle, and as you leave you put your hand out to touch one of the stones as you pass through. It feels like an old friend.

Breathe in deeply and hold…then exhale deeply…you open your eyes feeling at peace. You are back in the present but you still remember the message from your ancestor.


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