Sit comfortably in your chair. Let your breathing become slow and even.

Allow your worries and cares to float away on your outward breath.

Take a deep breath in for the count of three. and exhale for the count of three.

Repeat this twice more.

You are relaxed and ready to begin your journey.

You are walking across a beautiful green meadow. The grass is soft and lush beneath your bare feet. Feel the warmth of the sun on your skin. The soft breeze blows gently against your face, bringing with it the scent of wildflowers. Breathe in this delicate fragrant scent. All around you is the sound of the breeze ruffling the soft grass and lapwings high up above you in a clear blue sky. You are enjoying your walk and feel as free as the birds on high.

As you walk across the meadow you see in the distance a large hag stone. You feel mysteriously pulled in its direction, so you walk towards it. It stands alone at the very edge of the meadow; its ancient stone cool to the touch. In its centre is a large hole, big enough for you to climb through. You sense a strange electricity in the air and a longing to look through the hole.

So you do. The air has stilled and even the lapwings have fallen silent. For you are at the entrance to another world. You look through the hole and there in front of you is a corn field, its bright golden corn tall and ripe. Dotted amongst the corn are blood red poppies swaying in the breeze. The lilting sounds of a fair voice drift on the breeze – a woman is singing. Entranced, you climb through the hole in the stone and begin to make your way along a narrow path that runs through the knee high corn.

There in the middle of the field the corn has been cut and large sheaves of corn are tied and ready to be harvested. A man is cutting the corn with a scythe. He is tall and muscular, his skin bronzed with the sun. Beside him is a woman with long golden hair and dressed in a red gown. She is tying the corn into sheaves. While she works she sings a beautiful haunting melody but her face seems somehow sad.

You stand there as if caught in an endless moment, mesmerised by the couple hard at work. They stop their work and move close together, hand in hand, looking at each other with tender yet sad love in their eyes.

Suddenly there is a flash and the glint of the sun on a sharp blade and the scythe flies through the air cutting the man across the chest. He falls to the ground and his blood sprays across the earth, mingling with the crimson poppies. He cries aloud and you rush forward to help but the lady is beside you now and catches you in her arms.

She tells you in a whisper that her Lord is dying and must die for the sake of the harvest. It is the natural cycle of things. Everything must die to be reborn. She looks deeply into your eyes, and although you see tears glistening on her lashes, you also see a deep, deep wisdom in her eyes.

Somehow you are comforted and withdraw, leaving the woman and man alone in the field together. The last you see of them she is by his side with her arms around him, cradling him gently.

In an instant you are back in the meadow, standing before the hag stone. But this time as you look through the hole you see only lush green meadow grass on the other side. Has it all been a dream? As you make your way back the way you came you realise something is in your hand – a golden corn dolly tied with a piece of red ribbon. You realise that you have witnessed something very special and give thanks to the God and Goddess for the sacrifice and love they show you and all mankind.

So now…breathe gently and deeply and come back to the present.


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