Autumn Equinox

Sit comfortably in your chair…allow yourself to relax.

Breathe in deeply three times…

Then allow your breathing to become even and natural…focus on your breath as it enters and leaves your body.

Feel yourself relaxing and entering a meditative state.

Open your inner eyes and find yourself at the entrance to a large hall. The interior is lit with fire torches around the wall, and through the large oak door you can just see a central hearth fire.

Something, a whisper or a feeling within you, beckons you to enter. So you push the carved heavy door open more. As you enter you notice the carvings on the door – vines, acorns, oak leaves, fruit, and along the bottom and the edges all manner of sacred creatures – unicorns, stags, swans and dogs.

You enter the large hall, which is warm and cosy despite its size. Warmed from the central hearth fire and the torches that light your way. It is welcoming and at once you feel at home here.

As you walk across the sweet smelling herb-strewn earth floor you pass long wooden tables piled high with all manner of wonderful foods and drinks.

There are round pale cheeses, bright golden loaves of bread, jugs full of ale and heather mead, bowls of fruit and platters of succulent meat. A veritable feast fit for kings and queens.

As you near the hearth fire in the middle of the hall you hear soft music playing from a minstrel’s gallery above you. People, their faces in the shadows, are softly playing lutes and drums.

You walk up to the hearth fire, its red-gold flames licking around the fragrant logs that have been placed on it. You stand there mesmerised by the flames dancing and curling, the hiss and crackling of the burning wood. You feel really lost within your own thoughts of comfort.

Suddenly you sense someone standing beside you. You turn and there is a most majestic woman you’ve ever seen. She is dressed in red velvet, with a dark green mantle. Her hair is glowing russet-brown and on her head she wears a shining golden crown set with emeralds, rubies and pearls.

Standing there awestruck you notice that your mouth has dropped open and you are gaping at this wondrous woman standing before you. Showing proper respect you kneel before her, not knowing what else to say or do.

The woman smiles and puts out her hands to help you up. ‘There is need of proper reverence dear one’ she says. ‘but also of love and happiness too’. She continues, gesturing with her hand around the hall, ‘look! The fruits of your labour.’

You instinctively feel you know this woman although you cannot put a name to the face. She looks at you with her eyes, deep pools of glimmering blue-green.

She smiles as she speaks to you ‘I am Modron, Mother to all, Queen of the Harvest. You are welcome here, to share in our feast and partake of the fruits of your labour. Celebrate what you have achieved whether it be small or big. For it is not the size of the achievement that matters but the work you have put forth.’

She takes you hand and leads you to a long table piled high with food and drink. Around the table are your spiritual brothers and sisters, as well as friends and family. You sit down and after giving thanks for the food and the harvest, you being to enjoy the festivities.

Come back now to the present feeling warm, relaxed and balanced…breathe in deeply and open your eyes.


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