About Deep~Glade

I am Deep~Glade, shaman, plant healer and witch, who utilizes these practices to heal and to help. I follow the Celtic and Germanic traditions of my ancestors. I am interested in many things but particularly spirituality, divination, herbalism, nature, wildlife, crafting, foraging, reading and writing.

I live in the Garden of England (Kent) with my two kitties and a plethora of garden wildlife. I am a Celtic Reiki Master and hold various accredited qualifications in holistic therapy and herbalism, as well as teaching Oracle Studies.

I have a sense of humour and I can be light and dark. The task is to integrate and accept the whole, not just the parts.

My accredited qualifications are as follows:

Core Shamanism with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies

Diploma in Crystal Healing with The School of Natural Health Sciences – London

Diploma in Herbalism (Level 1) with The School of Natural Health Sciences – London

Diploma in Clinical Herbalism with Stonebridge College, UK

Celtic Reiki Master with Solana Holistic & Spiritual Health and Wellbeing

I am also very blessed to be an initiated priestess in Sacred Mists