Spring Equinox Pathworking

Sang Rouge Terre Blanc

Goddess Ostara Wishing all our followers a very Happy Spring Equinox.
We are working on our website and will have it up soon, at which time the Course will be available. In the meantime we would like to share with you a pathworking that we have written for the Spring Equinox and which we will be working later today. Please feel free to join us, as we head into Springtime.
Blessed be SRTB

Equinox Pathworking

Find your own way into sacred space. (You may wish to cast a circle, light a candle, burn some appropriate incense). Close your eyes, relax and begin rhythmic breathing.

Finding yourself walking on a path, you come to a gate, take careful note of its appearance, colours, symbols etc. When you are ready, open it and pass through. You find yourself in a meadow, the air is fresh and the early morning sunlight is warm against your…

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