Window 271 – Love yourself

Feelings from the past that made me feel unlovable – anger, fear, mistrust, low self esteem – so work on these feelings and find the opposite of them… joy, trust, confidence 🙂

A Window Of Wisdom


“When we fight internally to feel love toward our self, we will seek to find others to fill the void of love”.

We all long for love but we have to own it within before we can truly feel it for another person, because if our self worth is low, what we seek will mirror our own identity because it is all we are capable of seeing.

Love is in us and if we are not feeling it we must seek to find who or what made us feel we were unlovable and then make a conscious choice to disconnect from those feelings we carry from the past.

Our worth cannot be defined by another person’s actions, unless we choose to allow it to define us.

~ WOW ~

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