Fire and Water

fireandwaterAs I sit here slowly basting in my own juices in this HEAT I’ve been thinking about the fire element. Right now in England we are officially having a heat wave, that is 5 continuous days with the temperature at least 2 degrees below 30 degrees. Seeing at it’s been hitting 30 degrees here in Kent for the last few days then yes, a heat wave it is. What makes matters worse is I am unable to have my windows open because of my escaping cats, which means my house is like a sauna. I’ve got my bedroom ones cracked but that’s as far as it goes. I’m thinking of doing something with some chicken wire to make some kind of screen.
Anyway, back to heat and the fire element. not only is it very hot here but I was also thinking of all the terrible fires that have been occurring in various parts of the world, not only the USA and Canada but in Australia and Europe too. It seems Gaia wants us to notice something – transformation by fire. Will we, can we transform? I think the human race depends on it.
But then in other parts of the world they’ve had terrible floods – Pakistan and Bangladesh with thousands drowned and killed.
Two elements – fire and water – reeking havoc on us humans. It feels like the earth is convulsing and I think it will continue to do so because it cannot take much more of our crass stupidity (am talking about the human species as a whole here, not individuals).
Yet, it is well known amongst pagan and metaphysical circles that there IS a shift in people on a fundamentally deeper level. Not just pagans but people from all different persuasions and spiritual paths. However, right now I think WE as a group are in the minority compared to the billions of people who inhabit this planet.
Fire and water. You’d think they are incompatible and yet, as elements, they work well together. Fire burns and transforms and water cleanses and heals. A very simple example is how terribly hot I was on Saturday when I visited my daughter – hot, a bit sunburnt and heat exhausted. Then I came home to a beautiful cool shower. Both very different experiences and yet they both did something important, not just physically but mentally too. The joy of being out in the sun and the cool calmness of the shower – both lifted my spirits but in different ways.
Of course when fire and water seem to be out of control (OUR control) as in the fires and the flooding throughout the world it seems a vastly different picture. But there is a message for us here, a lesson to be learnt. I do hope mankind will learn it!


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