We Break to Join

highpriestessilluminatiWe have hatched. We have crack’d our limits. We have stumbled out to blinding risk. Each breaking brings us room, until we press our growing against the next shell. And the final shell we break will open us to death.

But these current crackings come so often, we barely rest and stretch and let ourselves be a little, before we come aware of a constriction. New walls compress against our spreading arms, our swelling needs.

We are cramped by a smallness, by a law, by a custom, We are live files grinding against confinement.

Yet shell by shell we break past a culture that stunts. By raw will of woman towards creation, I move. And you. We use even the shards. We bury them to fertilize our earth again. Each of us, cracking the madness the drastic madness that says we are divided. We break to join!

Written by Susa Silvermarie

Artwork: The High Priestess from the Illuminati tarot deck by Erik C. Dunne


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