Darling People

hugsDarling people, I just feel moved to write this little letter to you all. You see I read an article on Citizen of Fashion blog that really saddened me. You can check it out for yourself but what I’m writing about here is kindness and compassion. In this world there is so much competition, fast-moving lifestyles and greed and yet we suffer. So many of us are in pain and are suffering and all that is needed is kindness and compassion to ease the pain.

Dear people, let’s be kind to one another, let’s remember that we share the same human make up and frailties. No matter what skin colour, race, religion or class, we are still human and we need each other. We need to be kind to one another, to ourselves.

There is so much pain it is indescribable… but we can change this, we can turn the coin over and experience joy and peace. I’m not going to preach or bang on about spirituality or anything like that. I just want to talk about kindness, for ourselves and each other. We have the same emotions – grief in India is the same as grief in America; happiness in China is the same as happiness in Australia. You get my drift? Fundamentally, and most importantly we are ALL THE SAME.

Being kind to ourselves and each other isn’t that difficult. It starts with being aware – of what we ourselves need and what others need too. It starts with mindful awareness. Slow down and be kind, gentle to yourselves. If you can do that you will do it for others too.

Dear people, do one thing of kindness for yourselves today and pass that kindness on to someone else too. Note how it makes you feel.

Blessings to you all




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