Finding time by Karina Blackheart

sunlight treesHere, the weekend is jam packed with a long list of chores, household tasks, community volunteering, gardening and on and on.  It’s back to back to back busy-ness and might make a Witch look on with horror, thinking, “Where’s my time off?  Where’s my time for magic?”

The magic is right now.  Right here.  In this very moment.  Sometimes, all it takes is a shift in perspective, a slight variation in the lens through which we view things.

When we shift the lens, it doesn’t make our lists any shorter.  Nor does it make our twenty-four hour days stretch to thirty-six or forty-eight hours.  Rather, it helps us stay present in the moment–extracting every dram of joy out of those moments that we can.

The housekeeping tasks, when done from a magical perspective become way to ground, center and create beauty while cleansing and protecting the space.  Community volunteering becomes a way to connect with the larger Group Mind of the area we live in while adding a helping of our magic to that community.  Gardening connects us with earth, sun, water, air, the power of the season and the cycles of life-death-sex-rebirth.

So, this morning, as you sip your coffee or tea, commit to spending the next few moments adjusting your perspective. Repeat throughout the day–bringing yourself back to the truth that each activity holds joy, magic and teaching for us if we sink down and in–and allow for it.

Written by Karina Blackheart


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