The Universe provides the nudges we need at exactly the right moment…if we just but let go of our thoughts and ego and open ourselves to possibilities…


Today was our final session for my mindfulness course and we closed with an interesting exercise called the Mindful Egg Game! As is so often the case a simple activity proved to be so much more than it initially appeared to be.

We were grouped around a table for this exercise and each given an egg. The challenge was to balance the egg upright upon one end- I assure any doubting Thomas’ that it can indeed be done! We all focused, concentrating fiercely, supporting the egg upright delicately between our fingertips as we searched minutely for the “perfect” spot to balance our eggs. At that moment we were perfectly in the moment, focused utterly upon the task in hand, letting go of judgement and prejudice that it was impossible (particularly after the first person achieved an upright egg!!). Of course the purpose behind the exercise was to teach and illustrate a valuable point…

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