E is for Enchantment

enchantment2This week’s Pagan Blog Project post is about Enchantment. For us witches, enchantment usually means casting some kind of spell on someone, or something. We also know that the Fae can enchant us humans using glamour to veil reality from us and make us see only what they wish us to see. However, in this post I’m going to be talking about everyday enchantment, the kind that surrounds us all the time if we just open our eyes and ears to it.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines enchantment thus:

To enchant ~ to fill someone with great delight; to put someone or something under a spell.

Everyday enchantment can be both really. But what IS everyday enchantment? Well, we only have to look to Mother Nature to find out. Starting with the early morning – the dawn chorus – when the birds start their early morning song. It usually begins with just one bird, here where I live this is the blackbird singing mellifluous notes into the clear morning air. Soon he is joined by other birds – one by one – until there is a veritable orchestra of sounds that soothe my ears and instill hope and excitement in me for the coming day. While listening to this wonderful music I can pinpoint different birds by their songs – blackbird, robin, wood pigeon, starlings and even the twittering of the little sparrows. Enchantment indeed!

Then as I stand at my kitchen sink, filling the kettle for my morning coffee, I look out into the back garden and see the dew laden spider’s webs, shimmering like a thousand tiny diamonds in the grass. I suddenly spy a creature trundling hurriedly through the long grass – a hedgehog on its way to finding its breakfast. I notice the magpies squawking in the trees at the end of the garden, hopping from branch to branch, obviously having some meaningful conversation with each other. The sun grows a little stronger and the blue sky is dotted with white clouds scudding across the sky, as if in a race. Enchantment indeed!

Later on in the day, while I have another coffee break, I watch my kitties chase each other – the littlest one hides and watches the biggest one with eyes large and black – suddenly she pounces, which sends the biggest one running off up the stairs. The smallest one follows and they charge up the stairs sounding like a herd of elephants. I can hear them chasing each other around my bedroom. This always makes me laugh and smile. Then they both reappear and lurk around my ankles. What do they want? Food? no! Water? No! They want their ‘lovings’, so I spend time stroking and petting them, enjoying their soft, warm fur and their loud purrings. Enchantment indeed!

As darkness draws in I notice the shadows in the back garden. The spider who makes her home in my window frame is out ready to hunt for her supper. She settles herself right in the middle of her web with all eight legs splayed, ready to dart out at the faintest hint of prey. The last few birds are making their way home to roost in little groups. The night animals are about – the dog fox barks acknowledging his territory. He is on the move because his bark gets further and further away. My excitement builds as I look into the sky, which is clear…the moon appears as a shining milky white orb in the sky, haloed with a fine silver mist. I can but stare in wonder and blow her a kiss. Magical enchantment indeed!



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