Y is for…Yule

yule_10It might seem a bit disingenuous but I decided to write a post about Yule for the Y post of the Pagan Blog Project…after all there are only so many days to go now and I thought what the heck!

The main focus for me at this time of year is the rebirth of the Sun God  on the 21st December, the Winter Solstice. This time heralds the return of the waxing half of the year, although you wouldn’t think it seeing as we will be still in the depths of winter in the Western Hemisphere. However, from this time on the days begin to become imperceptibly longer, just by a few seconds each day and that brings me hope and the beginnings of excitement for the warmer months to come.

The sun at this time of year has a very different quality to what it has during the height of summer. It still hasn’t become imbued with its full strength and in the mornings is milky and golden; it’s young still, only a baby. However, on bright crisp winter days it can be brilliant as its light is reflected off the frost covered ground, or shines dazzlingly off the brilliant white snow.

When I go out into my garden on Yule night there is a hush, an expectancy that envelopes everything, the frost strewn grass is cloaked with it, the trees are enshrouded with it…it is peace yet excitement at the same time. I lay my offerings to the deities upon my outside altar, and also an offering to the nature spirits and then I tarry a while, snug in my shawl, to just breathe in the magical expectancy of the rebirth. It would be nice to say that I behold the new dawn and the rebirth of the Sun but to be honest I’m tucked up in my bed by then.

Hand made Yule Goddess inside the sparkly twig wreath

Hand made Yule Goddess inside the sparkly twig wreath

Yule is a special time but no more special than any of the other Sabbats I celebrate. It is a marking on the wheel of life, and the seasons, which turns, and turns again. Each Sabbat has its own special energies and flavour, and Yule is no different. A time for warm mead, mulled wine, mince pies and vanilla cream. A golden time infused with deep green and blood-red. For me, a time to celebrate the rebirth of the Sun, the renewal of waxing energies and giving thanks to the Great Mother for her nurturing and love.



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