Daily Om ~ Bird Meditation

When it becomes too cold to be outside with nature, bring her inside through your meditation.

When the weather gets colder it can be more difficult to get in touch with the marvel of nature as it exists around us. Finding innovative ways to really connect with nature brings us closer to the wonders that envelop our lives. One way to do this is to perform a meditation with our feathered friends, the bird kingdom.

Just by taking a few moments each day to watch the bird activity that goes on in our backyards through our windows can bring a sense of calm and well-being to our lives. Watching and being with the birds that we share our garden space with us allows us to experience greater feelings of relaxation and gratitude for the diversity that is always present around us. Simply watching, without judgment or expectations, heightens our awareness of the beauty of nature. If you watch the birds for a long enough period of time you will begin to feel a great sense of deep joy within you knowing we are all truly divine. Doing this with our family members will in turn introduce a meditative practice that can easily be shared and appreciated by all, as well as create deeper bonds with each other through the joy of experiencing the healing power of nature.

Looking through our windows and placing a feeder and bird bath in our gardens to attract the birds is a way to call forth beauty into our lives. As we consciously connect with our outer world—even when the weather inhibits us from physically being in it—we see that the splendour we view outside of our windows is simply a reflection of what lies within us.


5 thoughts on “Daily Om ~ Bird Meditation

  1. I wish I could do this meditation but I live in an apartment and so I can’t put up a birdbath or birdfeeder and there’s no regular birds that come here. Any suggestions?

    • That can be a tricky one. Actually have you looked outside your appartment windows and noticed what is actually there? Sometimes when we live in a city or in a built up area, or appartments we assume there is nothing to be seen. You might not be able to put a bird bath outside but what about a little bird feeder – you could hang it on the window somehow. Or what about a sky meditation. When I lived in an apartment many years ago now, all that was in front of me was the concrete of other buildings. However, I could see the sky and I used to watch it. It’s amazing how much you can learn from the sky – the different clouds and what they mean, the different shades of the sky, how the colours change throughout the day and the seasons. Hope this helps.

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