W is for…Witchy Ways

To be honest I was having a bit of a problem deciding on what to write about for this letter of the Pagan Blog Project. Of course the usual came to mind…Wicca, witchcraft, water…erm…etc. Ha ha! So then something popped into my mossy brain cells this morning…why not write about a day in my life…rather like a snapshot of what I usually get up to…witchy ways. Yep, that’ll do! Maybe it’s because I can’t think of anything more profound to talk about…well it is Sunday!

Ok…so I usually get up around 8am and do my morning devotionals before I begin anything else. To be honest, I have to do them first because if I don’t I forget to do them. You know the thing, you get to do something else and get completely side-tracked. So I sit at my altar and light incense, my candles and just Be…in meditation for a few minutes, say my prayers to the God and Goddess and anything else I feel the need to do. Of course by the time I finish my kitties are clamouring around my ankles begging to be fed (as if they were starving and on the verge of death…poor things).

So of course the next thing is to feed the poor beggars and I usually spend a few moments stroking them and talking to them but they’re too interested in food or wanting to go out into the garden for their morning constitutional. So while they’re outside I make my morning cup of coffee (for which, by this time I’m gasping for). Then I light my incense and just sit and mull over the MIT’s for the day (MIT = Most important tasks). By this time the kits are scratching and meowing at the back door begging to be let in again.

Then the computer goes on…my trusty computer! I know I spend way too much in front of it and am slowly cutting down…erm…honest! But I have certain responsibilities to fulfil on it. You know like checking out Face Book (sad sack that I am it’s actually my home page LOL) but also commenting on homework for Oracle Studies and checking in with my Coven. I also do a lot of study via my computer so I’m not actually surfing but doing a lot of research, or writing rituals and so forth.

Because of my health issues (I have mental health issues and also ME) I cannot sit (or stand) for long periods – by which I mean for no longer than about 10 minutes without it becoming very uncomfortable and painful. So I alternate computer use with messing around in my kitchen with my beloved plants and herbs, concocting things, mixing, brewing and so forth.

If the day is bright and sunny (even if it is cold) I spend some time in my garden either just sitting surrounded by my plants or moseying around just spending time with the plants and all the critters that live amongst them. Early morning is the best, when the mist hangs still amongst the grass and the sunlight sparkles off the dew laden spiders webs. I love seeking out these eight legged friends and saying hello to them, stroking them and counting as many as I can find. Later in the day they go off and hide you see but in the early mornings or evenings you can find loads of them as they come out ready to go a-hunting. If the ME will let me, I’ll do a bit of gardening but it’s a lot less in winter.

Lunch then a nap…oh yes and of course watching the obligatory BBC News (I do love to keep abreast of world affairs LOL). It might sound weird having to have a nap when I’ve really done so little during the day but anyone with chronic ME will know exactly what I mean. The tiredness and pain just overwhelms a person.

In the afternoons I carry on with my studies (I’m doing my Masters in Phytotherapy) interjected with short spells of doing something else…playing with my kitties and craft work of some sort. If I have to go out I always try to go in the afternoons, it just is better for me to do this.

I usually keep any ritual or spiritual work for the evenings. Not because I must but because I just feel this time is more conducive for me, it’s the time of day when (hopefully) I’m more alert. Shamanic journeying takes a lot of energy so I find the evenings and night-time better (my circadian rhythms work differently to others I guess). I also do healing work or set up crystal grids at this time. If the weather is dry I love to sit outside for a short time, just to attune myself to the night, and especially if there’s a full moon.

The last thing I do each day is perform my evening devotionals and make offering to the ancestors, my patron deities and Spirit guides. I light my incense and my candles and it is much the same as the morning devotionals except the prayers have a slightly different tone. Also it really depends on how I’m feeling – if I’m feeling unwell or extremely tired I might skip certain aspects but I don’t feel guilty about it because it’s the heart’s intent that counts. I’m also very practical when it come to spiritual work – I work in whatever clothes I’m wearing (usually my pyjamas) except if my work involves the public. But again, it’s not what you wear or the tools you have – it’s always intent that counts. It’s lovely to dress up in witchy garb but I leave that for special occasions.

This is a kind of normal generalisation of a day in my life…it flows and ebbs with the Universal energies. Sometimes my routine changes because of outside influences, or the influences of my Guides but in general this is it. Pretty normal I’d say…at least for me…LOL


2 thoughts on “W is for…Witchy Ways

  1. I wish we lived closer so that we could spend time together. How you spend your time just sounds so peaceful and balanced. I have a mental health disorder myself so I know how that can influence one’s life. I’m blessed that I have no health issues so I can only imagine how much pain you must be in some days. Kitties are angels, I believe, even when they act devilish. Thank you for the glimpse into your life.

    • Not always balanced darling…some days I just have to stay in bed due to my mental or physical issues. I play my life day by day and see how it goes. Blessings.

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