V is for…Visions of the New Year

I’m a bit late in posting the V posting for Pagan Blog Project…oops! Nevermind. To be honest I didn’t know what to write about for V but then I read someone else’s posting and it kind of inspired me…and also since my New Year happens at Samhain, I have just jotted down my goals for the coming year. I guess for some of you it might seem a bit weird having a New Year on the 31st October but it is in keeping with my Celtic tradition since Samhain was always considered the end of the old year and the beginning of the New Year by my ancestors. So yes, of course I’m in 2012 still but that’s linear time and by cyclic, natural time it’s the New Year and I have some really positive visions for it.

Visions, or envisioning has become quite important to me. No, it doesn’t mean I live in the future because it is only the NOW that really matters but it is good to envision what I’d like to accomplish this coming year. It gives me a focus and something to work towards. since my oracle card this week, from Mickie Mueller’s wonderful Voice of the Trees deck is Nuin, or Ash, I think transformation and action is really on the cards (excuse the pun LOL). I do think I’m ready for some transformative action although I have to admit I’m a little apprehensive. Why so? Because I guess I’m in a human body and still have to deal with fear sometimes, fear of the unknown although as soon as I bring my mind back to the present moment this dissipates. But if I don’t take action nothing will ever change or transform. I have gotten out of thinking action has to be really great big steps – actually tiny eeny weeny steps towards a goal are probably more manageable for me. And I keep the Ash card right out in front of my on my desk to remind me each day.

So what do I envision for this coming year? Well, in setting my goals I have decided to keep them manageable and if I go above and beyond then that’s an added bonus. One of my goals is to actually begin to offer my healing services to the public (so watch this space!). Another goal is to revisit The Chelsea Physic Garden in London but at a better time of year. Another goal is to submit my 3rd Degree assessment to my Coven because I’ve been sitting on it way too long now. I also want to continue my botanical and herbal studies, finish my Sacred Mists Herbalist Course final and continue with my Masters in Phytotherapy (although I won’t complete it this year). I also want to sort out and maintain my garden because I’ve kind of let it go too much this year. Another goal is to take part in the next Pagan Blog Project because I’ve really enjoyed participating in this one. I think probably my most important goal is to not allow my own health problems to interfere with what I want to achieve. If I can muster the inner strength to cope with my CFS and other health problems then I think I can achieve my other goals too.

So I feel rather positive about the coming year. I know there will be hurdles to jump over (or clamber over in my case but clambering is ok), and difficulties to overcome along the way but that’s life isn’t it. I know that by endeavouring to stay in the present will help me enormously.


5 thoughts on “V is for…Visions of the New Year

  1. I think your goals are all wonderful to have. Some will be more challenging but jusgt from reading your blog posts, you’ll achieve what you want. Regardless, of how they are completed, you should be proud of yourself for going after them!

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