Children always help

I mean FURchildren that is! Of course my dear daughter helps but she is all grown up and with a wonderful partner, soon-to-be-hubby, so I have my furchildren for company now…kitties of course…Slippers (the eldest and a bit of a crotchety old thing), Pippin (who is the naughty one and I strongly believe to be a ginger lion just pretending to be a tortie cat)…and then there’s Oscar (my adopted furchild, who is actually the neighbour’s cat but who hangs around like a bad smell). I love all three of them, with their different personalities. They all bring a special something to my life, along with many laughs and much joy.

Of course I’m a sucker for these cats (as with any animal actually) and they draw me irrevocably into their magic spell, usually done with their eyes, and in Pippin’s case her meows as she is very vocal. How can I resist? I cannot!

So as I made Full Moon water last night I was out this morning taking photos of it for my previous article, and of course the furchildren had to come and inspect it, just to make sure it was all up to snuff. They do this with everything I do, even Oscar has begun to dip his nose into everything too…not that I mind. If I create a crystal grid, one of them (usually Pippin) will come up to inspect the lay out and will rearrange the crystals with her paws if she thinks they lay out is no good. When I made my Ogham fews she had to inspect and test them by chewing on the ends to see if they were up to the intended job. Living with kitty furchildren is always a bit unpredictable but always a joy.

Anyway, I took some pictures of them this morning and they all insist I share them with you…so here you are, welcome to my clan:

Oscar inspecting Full Moon Water

Pippin on the prowl

Pippin sniffing a flower

Pippin sneezing

Pippin, the aftermath of the sneeze

Slippers comes out to see what all the fuss is about…she’s not impressed.

Slippers…nope, she’s definitely not impressed.

If you click on each picture you can see a clearer larger size.


7 thoughts on “Children always help

  1. Love the furry wildlings, thank you for sharing Celticawitch. I have put some pics and a video clip on my blog of Moomin to share with you too.
    Like you the eyes does it for me as well :))

  2. Awww Cedric is about 6 too. I’ve always wanted two or three cats but I’m afraid he’d try to eat a new cat haha. That’s awesome that your neighbor’s cat likes you. It’s like a best friend for your own kitties 😀 Cats are totally human-like, I agree. And Cedric sounds like that: doesn’t like to be pet unless he tells you, hates being picked up, kicks me off my bed. Glad to know he’s normal! And the best cats are spoiled ^_^

  3. Your cats are so cute! How old are they? I have one cat, and he takes no interest in anything I do – he’s a little anti-social, which is both annoying and endearing.

    • Ah, they are cute aren’t they but of course I would say that, I’m totally biased LOL But thank you anyway. Slippers is the eldest, she’s about 6 I think (not really old but she certainly acts that way). Pippin is the youngest, she’s only 3 but I’ve had them both from kittens. Oscar is actually my neighbour’s cat but he is such a permanent fixture (probably because I do feed him too LOL). I actually know he is older than Slippers, he’s pretty old now but he’s a silly billy and I love him too. I always think cats are very much like humans…we can be really anti-social too can’t we. None of my cats like being picked up, in fact they hate being cuddled but they love being stroked and petted on ‘their terms’. They both sleep with me at night and in fact they’ll hog the bed big time so I’ usually left with about four inches of mattress on the edge! Yep, they are totally spoiled but I wouldn’t, and couldn’t have it any other way!

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