P is for Pallomancy

Simply put Pallomancy is divination using a pendulum, one of the oldest methods for receiving guidance from the spirit world. Divination using a pendulum has been undertaken for thousands of years, in many cultures. The famous Greek Artemidorous Daldianus, a professional diviner in the 2nd Century AD, practiced pallomancy. The pendulum was also employed frequently by the Ancient Egyptians, the Romans and also in Chinese culture. Right up to our present day the pendulum is still used by those wishing to seek answers from the Spirits; the French priest Abbe Mermet was employed by the Vatican in the early 1900’s to use pallomancy to locate water, minerals and missing people, during the 2nd World War British Intelligence used pendulums to predict Hitler’s next moves, and in the Vietnam War pendulum divination was used to find underground tunnels and land mines.

So what is a pendulum? Well, a pendulum is actually a very simple divination tool consisting of a thread or chain no longer than 12 inches long (most chains/threads are invariably shorter) with a weight attached to one end of it. The weight depends on a person’s preference and can be anything from a specific crystal, a lump of metal, a small piece of wood, a ring…or even an acorn! Many diviners make their own pendulums, and I’ve made one from a thin hemp string and an acorn before, but you can also purchase many beautiful ones with all kinds of crystals or metal. To be honest it really is an individual choice, and I don’t believe any one is better than another. Some people think Amethyst makes for a better pendulum, others believe only Copper pendulums are the best – it’s all individual choice. Some people have many pendulums and others only ever use one specific one. Again, individual choice and what kind of relationship you have with your pendulum/s. The best way to choose a pendulum is to actually hold them in your power hand (the hand you write with), to feel its vibrations, to see if it ‘speaks’ to you in some way. Having said that, I bought a pendulum over the Internet, without ever holding it prior to purchase, and it has served me very well.

So how does a pendulum work? There seems to be two schools of thought on this. Firstly, there are those who believe that the pendulum acts as a bridge to one’s subconscious mind, or as a connection to one’s Higher Self. However, the second school of thought believes that the pendulum actually acts as a channel that allows Spirit Guides to communicate in a very simple way. Personally, I think my pendulum IS a spirit guide because it definitely has its own personality, and will only consent to being used if IT wants to.

That brings us to how to use a pendulum. I strongly believe that a pendulum (no matter what your school of thought is) IS NOT a toy but something that is to be treated with great respect. I do not think it should be used as a ‘party piece’ or for fun. Having said that, I think the diviner and the pendulum need to maintain a strong connection, so frequent use is necessary. It’s rather like a relationship, you can’t expect to maintain a relationship if you don’t communicate often can you. I’ve learnt from experience that if I ignore my pendulum and keep it continually tucked away gathering dust it just get’s the ‘big hump’ and won’t work. Rather like animal totems and spirit guides who leave us if we ignore them for too long – they up and leave.

The pendulum will only work for YES or NO questions (and possibly a MAYBE if you know your pendulum well enough). Generally speaking, after cleansing and consecrating your pendulum, you will need to ascertain what movement means YES and what means NO. So ask it! Ask it what movement it will display for YES and what it will display for NO. Each pendulum is different – mine circles wildly in a clockwise fashion for YES and then just moves back and forth horizontally for NO. Yours may be different. But whichever motion it decides you must accept it.

Be discerning in your questions and ask them thoughtfully. Don’t ask the same question more than once. Accept the first answer and move on. For example, if you have a choice of two routes of action, ask each one separately:

Question 1: Should I enter into a relationship with J.?

Question 2: Should I remain single for the time being?

Don’t depend completely on the pendulum’s response to make important decisions. This does not mean you don’t value the pendulum’s input but you do need also to use your gut instinct and intuition. Quite often I get a rather ambiguous ‘yes’ to a question, which through experience I’ve learnt to take as…‘don’t ask me silly…you know the answer to this already!’

Only use the pendulum with good intentions. Like I’ve mentioned before, it’s not a play thing and should be treated with respect. Don’t ask it if you should kill your neighbour because they had a loud party last night and you got no sleep!

NEVER allow others to use your pendulum. This is not to be picky or precious but for a very good reason. You see you have (or will have) built up a relationship with your pendulum and to allow others to use it, or even touch it, means that their energy will interfere with yours and so you will end up with inaccurate responses. Pendulums can and do get confused! Actually it is Best Practice to never allow anyone to touch your magical tools for the same reason. It is a case of ‘You can look but don’t touch’ and if other people truly respect you and your work, they will understand that (and would probably never even ask in the first place).

So, how do you actually hold a pendulum? Well, there are quite a lot of ways and you will need to experiment together to find out the best way both for you and your pendulum. Generally speaking use your power hand to hold the pendulum. Your power hand is the one you write with. As I’m left-handed my power hand is my left hand. Thread the cord or chain around your ring finger and allow it to drape over your index finger so the pendulum is hanging straight down. Now, some people say you should sit at a table and rest your elbow on it. This is actually the most comfortable way  but I tend to hold my elbow close to my side and not rest it on a table. The main thing is you allow the pendulum to move freely of its own accord. At the beginning your hand will shake a bit but with practise this will disappear as you get used to using the pendulum.

There are many uses for divining with pendulums, from finding lost items and picking Tarot and Oracle cards, to asking about emotional or spiritual issues. From my own experience the pendulum has helped me in all manner of ways, not always accurate to be true but more often than not it has been. It’s helped me out of a few sticky situations and has given me a lot of encouragement with projects I wanted to start.

One last thing – ALWAYS thank your pendulum for its work. It’s just good manners!

Pendulums are available everywhere nowadays (or you can make your own) but if you’d like to see some gorgeous handmade ones check out Crowning Elements Pendulums


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