N is for Nature Spirits

I’m sure we’ve all heard of Nature Spirits, or perhaps some of us haven’t. Well, this post is written from my own experience with them over many years. to begin with I always believed in fairies, even as a little child. Although how I imagined fairies was a bit different from the traditional ‘view’ of them. I tended to envision them as more like elves (probably because I was totally besotted with Lord of the Rings from an early age). Anyway, fairies, elves and all manner of nature spirits have played a big part in my imagination for a long time. However, back then I really didn’t know what they were really like, or what their purpose was.

It was only when I first stepped onto the pagan path did I begin to really learn about Nature Spirits, but of course they are not affiliated with any particular spiritual path or religion…they just are! They’ve been here way longer than humankind. During my studies I learnt about the different ‘kinds’ of Nature Spirits, although in reality (or should I say non-ordinary reality) they are very different from how we humans portray them. We amuse some of them actually with our humanoid portrayal of them. But others are quite annoyed by the fact that we give them arms and legs…and even wings. However, most understand that we do this so we can make sense of them from our limited human perspective.

The wonderful thing about Nature Spirits is that they are available to all, no matter what our creed or colour. They don’t care about what spiritual path we are on as long as it’s one of enlightenment; whether Christian, Muslim, Pagan or Hindu…or whatever else. It doesn’t matter to them! They say religion is all just a human construct anyway and has no bearing on true enlightenment. However, they don’t pull their punches and they can become very dismissive of us if we refuse to ‘get it’ – presumably their message for us.

There are so many different kinds of Nature Spirits it is unreal! Well, actually it is real but you get my meaning hopefully. One way of trying to imagine it is to think of how many different kinds of human beings there are – well, it’s the same for Nature Spirits too. There are animal spirits, plant spirits, tree spirits (who I call the Standing Sentinels), spirits of water (lakes, pools, streams, rivers, the seas), spirits of stones and crystals (who I call the Stone People), cloud spirits, weather spirits…and I could go on and on. Each one has a particular purpose and remit if you like. You could even divide them into hierarchies of a type although I really don’t like to.

Devas are nature spirits but can also be those of the angelic realm. The word ‘Deva’ means ‘a being of brilliant light’ (from the Sanskrit); as their name suggests they have no physical form and are pure brilliant light. They are not interested in the material, base form but in pure co-creation and expansion of consciousness. They have an instinctive knowledge of cosmic patterns and relationships. They have memory and learn from past experiences. however, they are only interested in their area of work (their remit if you like). So, an Oak Deva is only interested in the growth and well-being of oak trees. A River Deva is only concerned with the flow and well-being of rivers and so forth. I guess you could call them the supervisors of the Astral realm. Each ‘thing’ in nature has its own Deva.

There are of course elemental Nature Spirits, spirits that inhabit each plant etc. But really to classify Nature Spirits is to do them a great dis-service and is actually missing the point because in their reality they all blend and merge for the harmony and enlightenment of everything.

So, what about my experiences with Nature Spirits. Well, I’ve learnt to highly respect these entities because if angered you will surely reap what you sow. Have we ever thought about WHY we are getting so many storms, unusual weather patterns etc? Maybe we are being taught a huge lesson but it is up to us to heed the warnings. Unfortunately, most of humankind, right now anyway, isn’t bothering to listen.

How do you see a Nature Spirit? Well, first of all it’s not that you can decide to see them – rather they decide whether to communicate with you. And it’s not really about seeing but about communication. Some people ‘see’ them, some ‘smell’ them, or ‘hear’ them, or sense them in some other way. But from my experience, it is always the Nature Spirit that decides how and in what form they appear or communicate. Sometimes they don’t want to be disturbed and nothing happens. Or you might get a gruff sense of ‘go away’. The best way to ‘attract them’ (although they’re there already) is to be still, silent and completely receptive. This can mean entering a meditative or trance-like state, or even playing some kind of musical instrument, like a flute or whistle. Whatever way you decide on, be open, let your heart and mind be open, be patient, be gentle and quiet.

There is no guarantee a Nature spirit will communicate with you and you cannot force it to. But if it does it is a beautiful and exciting experience. It might possibly have a message for you, or you might decide to ask it a question, although be prepared for an answer you might not have expected – remember they do not work on the human level of understanding. you might need to ask for clarification. Or, they may have no message at all but are just willing to join with your energy and vibration for a while. Have no expectations! Only be open to receive what is…what will be! However, after the meeting, if you’re lucky enough to have one, always honour the spirit by leaving some form of offering as a mark of respect. You may ask the spirit what it would like. One spirit I have communicated with, that of a Beech Tree in my local park asks for me to pick up litter around the area where the tree grows. Another asks for a gem of some kind and I usually carry a small stash of Moss Agate stones in my bag for this very purpose. All nature spirits have different ideas about offerings so be open-minded.

Finally, always remember that if you should be blessed with communicating in some way with a Nature Spirit, whatever kind it is, remember that you ARE blessed and be grateful. They can teach us things we could never imagine, and can help us more than we could ever know.


3 thoughts on “N is for Nature Spirits

  1. This is just the information I was looking for:-) Thank you so much. Here’s why:
    Yesterday I was looking after my 18 month old grandson. We were sitting in the kitchen when he suddenly started waving while he looked out the window into the garden. I looked …..but nobody was there 😉 then my grandson turned to another window on the other side of the kitchen and he waved again. I would say that the look on my grandsons face was full of wonder and also with a little smile. When I arrived at the house I had picked up lots of litter in the garden and backyard.
    I think you have just answered all of my questions 🙂 Thank you for posting this information on nature spirits. I hope to see them myself one day.

    • Greetings,
      What a wonderful experience, thank you for sharing 🙂 One of the reasons why children are so apt to see Nature Spirits is because of their innocence. They have not yet learnt to think with a closed mind – the minds of the young are open wide and so they see All! As we grow older our minds begin to shut due to society, education and so forth. It’s our job to re-open our minds 🙂

  2. How beautiful! We all should learn to take the nature spirits seriously. Imagine that everything that is alive is helped by them. if it wasn’t for them nothing would grow at all.

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