M is for Magic

Now I’m not going to debate the why’s and wherefore’s of spelling Magic with a ‘k’ at the end or not. No, this is just a post about how wonderful magic is and how you don’t have to be a witch or a druid to see it, feel it and use it. This is my personal belief about Magic.

You see magic is energy, pure and simple, and it is also about the manipulation of energy. Of course energy can be manipulated for good or bad, but that’s about intent and I’m not going to get into that here either. However, each time you go to bed at night you experience magic, and each time you open your eyes in the morning you experience magic. Magic is all around us and in us…constantly.

How to describe magic? Well I think it is different for each one of us but here are just a few experiences I have of magic:

* Magic is watching my kitties playing

* Magic is smiling at a stranger and seeing them smile back

* Magic is the silver moon at night as it crosses the sky

* Magic is the birdsong first thing in the morning

* Magic is seeing the caterpillars in my garden turn into butterflies

* Magic is smelling the fragrant scent of that rose

* Magic is watching a good plan come together

* Magic is feeling the gentle breeze on my face and watching how it moves through long grass

* Magic is watching a huge flock of starlings move together as one entity

* Magic is smelling the freshness of the soil after it’s rained

* Magic is new-mown hay

* Magic is hearing cows lowing in the fields as they wait to be milked

* Magic is sipping a glass of really good wine

* Magic is laughing uncontrollably over nothing with my friends

* Magic is playing silly with my daughter

I could think of so many more experiences but you get the point…yes? But what about those difficult painful moments? What about the times of anger, sorrow and tears? Yes, even they are magic too. You see they are the life lessons. At those moments I may not think of them as magic but in hindsight (or lifesight) I see the magic in them. I am grateful for them because I hopefully learn the lessons they bring. And if I don’t learn those lessons first time round I can be sure the Universe will provide me with another opportunity to learn them…that is magic!

Yes, magic is with us always…always has been and always will be!


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