Daily Card: Island of Fiery Pigs

Today’s card is the Island of Fiery Pigs and is a rather apt card for today as we have a few neighbour problems where I live. Here’s the background to the card:

In Celtic tradition, pigs are animals of the Underworld, and the gift of the ancestral world to our own. Birds are normally messengers of the Otherworld. Here, both sets of animals eat of the trees in an orderly fashion. The two worlds are shown to be in harmony with each other.

Meaning of the card ~ Timeliness or kairos (the appropriate time), being in the right place at the right time, expectation of news, renewal, realisation of goals, adequate provision of needs, harmonious partnership, ecological balance.

The Challenge

If you find it hard to achieve your desire, do not envy others. Are you using the abilities of others to achieve what you want? Try to work harmoniously with others.

It’s sometimes difficult to get on with our neighbours isn’t it? More often than not we cannot choose who we have as neighbours and we all get lumped together in a street or neighbourhood; very different people all living next to each other. It’s no wonder that tempers fly at times, or irritation occurs and resentments arise. Then suddenly you might find yourself giving your neighbour the cold should, or they do it to you and before you know it communication breaks down completely. It can be a dangerous time at worst, and downright awkward at best.

For me, the emphasis of this card, is being in harmony. This does not mean we all have to think and feel the same way, or believe in the same things. The card speaks of two very different sets of animals from different realities (the Otherworld and the Underworld), yet they both eat fruit from the same tree in harmony. How can we as mere humans follow this example? I think healthy boundaries and good communication are two important tools for achieving harmony with neighbours. I’m not talking about physical boundaries so much but our inner boundaries and respecting the boundaries of others. But if someone over steps the mark in some way we really do need to communicate that in a reasonable way. Obviously it’s very hard if you get met with abuse or the other extreme of a door slammed in your face. What to do then? Well, it really depends on how important the issue is. After all you cannot make someone communicate with you if they choose not to. But sometimes we have to bite the bullet and take the first step. Maybe we have to take a good hard look at our own actions, which might not be very pleasant for us but is necessary in order to evolve into better people.

In my experience, neighbourly fallings out are usually to do with egos – theirs and mine! We wait and expect the other to back down and when they don’t we get angry and frustrated. It’s like two mountain goats locking horns and not moving. Have you ever seen that? They lock horns and then nothing happens until one or the other backs down. Of course this is the natural way for mountain goats but we are human beings and we really don’t have to do that do we? Sometimes we need to have a bit of humility when dealing with neighbours. now, humility is NOT weakness – far from it. Humility is about not allowing one’s ego to run away with you. Also in humility there is great strength. Consider these two phrases:

1) What the fuck are you doing? I told you to keep the noise down but you just blare it out constantly and I’m bloody fed up with it!

2) Excuse me but I have asked you before to turn your music down. Do you think you could do so again please?

Which neighbour would you rather deal with? I know I’d be more willing to listen to neighbour (2).

It’s more a case of ‘how’ we speak rather than ‘what’ we speak isn’t it. Also choosing the right time to speak to neighbours. Don’t go round when you’re angry – allow a cooling off period when you can better think straight and are calmer.

Now, I’ve not always been the nicest neighbour in the world, in the past I could swear and shout with the best of them. But I’ve learnt to be more diplomatic and consider all options before I go wading in. Even if I don’t agree with what my neighbour is doing I can either choose to ignore it (assuming it isn’t something diabolically illegal or abusive), or I can do something about it. But I’ve found that trying to be reasonable often proves the better way. If I don’t get anywhere with that I can turn to other means which may mean getting someone else involved like a landlord or the police if it’s that bad. But trying to communicate in a reasonable way is always the first, and often the best, option.

There is enough bad feeling in the world, so let’s all try to get along with each other in peace and harmony today.



2 thoughts on “Daily Card: Island of Fiery Pigs

  1. Can I ask , which tarot deck this card is from? I have had this deck years, someone passed then onto me, unboxed, and I have no idea which deck it is and having real trouble finding out! Thank u 😊

    • So sorry for the delay in replying. The deck is called The Celtic Book of the Dead by Caitlin Matthews. I think it’s out of print now but you may be able to get the accompanying book from ABE Books or other places where they deal with out of print books. xx

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