Quado ~ Opportunity Surrounds You

Look at this beautiful rose. Unfolding with new opportunities and hope. I just had to post it not as a thumbnail but as a larger picture so you could see its beauty. Imagine its glorious scent and velvet petals.

It’s the New Moon (or very nearly) and I feel that today’s message from Quado is so appropriate for me, and for you too.

You are, right now, standing in opportunity.  It is all around you.  At this age, at this weight, with these resources, you are surrounded by opportunity. There are doors and windows flying open all around you.

The larger arc of your life is one of constant renewal and opportunity.  But this moment, right now, is utterly unique, and the talents you have right now and the types of opportunities which surround you in this moment are here for this moment only.  And so, you must take a deep breath and step through a door, take some action, allow yourself to act on those dreams.

If you do not fully believe in yourself, that is all right.  Act as if you do.  Act as if you are completely confident.  Pretend to be the person you aspire to be and the universe will respond.  And as the response comes, you will begin to actually be this person you aspire to be.  And the response will contain within it both the seeds for your growth and the seeds for your success.  You will be praised for some things and given advice on others.  All of this is the fruit of action.

Do not let this moment turn into a moment of regret.  Do not let this moment be one that you look back on with longing, wondering how you could have missed the signs, how you could have doubted yourself and been so afraid.  Let this be a moment you look back on with pride, proud of the courage you had to step out and act, even though you were uncertain in many ways, even though you had to take a deep, deep breath to overcome your fear.

Thought for today

Today, I see the opportunities sparkling all around me, like diamonds in the grass.  Today, I allow myself to pick up a diamond, to walk through an opening door, to open wide the windows of life and let the fresh air of new experience blow through.

Today I welcome the new, the fresh, the clean.  I am willing to give up old patterns of thinking and being and open myself to the fresh air of life.

I am deeply connected to what is.  I ride the flow of life, just as it is.  I love and approve of myself in this moment, exactly as I am.


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