Daily Card: Island of Cannibal Horses

I didn’t want to post a card today but in the hopes of keeping some continuity I am…in other words I’m forcing myself to do something productive! Anyway, today’s card is the Island of Cannibal Horses. Here’s the background to the card:

Here animals act like human beings and start attacking each other. In Celtic tradition, the horse is the supreme animal of power and strength, making this image doubly threatening.

The meaning of this card is – misuse of power, jumping to conclusions, inability to react honestly, rage, aggression and violent thoughts.

The Challenge

Do you need to be aggressive? Resort to arbitration if you can. Get your facts straight: consult the horse’s mouth first! Negotiate!

Human beings really do act like cannibal horses don’t they. We only have to watch the news to see that. It is true that sometimes aggression is required but in self-defence. There are times when you just can’t walk away and the only thing to do is fight back. However, human beings only too easily resort to wanton aggression and violence don’t they. This is a misuse of their power and strength. There are times when we do need to react with force, and quickly too. Such as in the case of being attacked ourselves, when our lives might be in danger. This is instinctual in us. But most of the time we need to pull away slightly and think before we react, act rather than re-act. This is not always easy to do, especially when emotions are aroused. We can ask for help at these times – from a trusted friend, or someone who can be impartial to both sides.

Sometimes in families there are arguments where a few family members get involved and bad feeling abounds in great measure. Before we know it, we realise we don’t actually know the truth of the matter so here it is best to go to the horse’s mouth so to speak and ask the one with the grievance outright for the truth of the matter, rather than listening to Chinese Whispers from other family members. It takes courage to do this because at these times it is quite normal for a person to not want to rock the boat, and feelings of family loyalty also come into play. to overcome these times perhaps a family council can be called, with an elder member acting as arbitrator and employing the use of a ‘talking feather, or stick’, where the only person who can speak at any time is the one holding the feather or stick before passing it onto someone else to speak. This might sound silly but it actually works – after all many indigenous tribes have employed this form of equal speaking for centuries, and it is also used in therapy sessions to great effect in modern times.

So, let’s all try not to be cannibal horses!



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