Daily Card: Island of Trees

Today’s card is the Island of Trees. Ah yes, I love trees and they can be a great source of wisdom and also comfort and joy if only we connect to them. I am a proverbial tree-hugger and unashamed  but even if you’re not you can still connect with trees and receive guidance from them. Here is what Caitlinn says about this card:

In the Celtic tradition the apple is always a fruit of immortality, healing or fulfilled desire, unlike the apple of the Judeo-Christian Fall which betokens sinfulness. The branch of apples from which Maelduin eats is from the ever-living tree of the Blessed Islands, which assuages both hunger and thirst.

The Challenge

Are you content with the little things in life? Be careful that your desire to possess does not become obsessive.

This is an interesting card, not only because it reminds me of the Isles of Apples, commonly referred to as Glastonbury these days, but also because it reminds me of a picture I recently found on the internet a few days ago, which I will share here. You see it’s not wrong to desire things; it’s not wrong to want something but desiring and wanting can become like a cancer, where we become completely obsessed with the object of our desire…the newest smart phone, the next Ipad, a faster computer, more, more, more of something. Society and commercialism does not make it easy for us either as we are bombarded daily by adverts everywhere that entice us to purchase something newer, something better, or just the next generation in something. No, it’s not wrong to have a gadget – I for one own a Blackberry smart phone and jolly useful it is too. Would I be without it? Yes, I think I would and could be without it but I also appreciate what it provides for me. However, I’m now being bombarded by my provider to ‘up-grade’ and to be honest I have recently seen adverts for a newer, all singing, all dancing smart phone which is a cross between a phone and a tablet pc. I was tempted I can tell you. But then I thought about it – do I really need a new phone? Of course I could easily talk myself into getting one but if I’m completely honest with myself NO, I don’t need one, and won’t be getting one either.

You see, we have become consumers par excellence and it’s a world-wide phenomenon, even in third world countries the enticement to have ‘stuff’ is rife. There is an argument that with technology comes easy communication and I can see the benefits of this, truly I can but I’m not talking really about cell phones or Ipads here, not really. What I’m really getting at is our incessant need to have, to have more…and more…and more! And I ask myself is it all really necessary or have we become a little too much obsessed with the latest, newest, fastest! This was vividly, but sadly, brought home to me during the London Riots last year, when we saw on TV hundreds of youngsters stealing all manner of objects and clothes from stores across London (and elsewhere in Britain). It was sickening and I thought how awful it was that we as humans have sunk so low. But it’s not just our youth that are obsessed, out of control desire reaches right up to the high echelons of our society doesn’t it…more roads, more airports, growth…growth…growth but at what cost? One day there will be no more room for growth, because we will have filled our world with concrete, plastic, cars, airports, parking lots (ha! Joni Mitchell comes to mind here LOL), roads, shopping malls etc.

I’m not ranting, really I’m not! LOL. and what I say really doesn’t need pointing out does it. So what can we do? Can we really be satisfied by living our lives in a simpler, less complicated way? I think we can. I don’t mean we should all get rid of our cars, cell phones etc. But I think we could all be a little more thoughtful about what we desire and consume, me included. That’s where the trees come in. You see most thinking people know that trees are extremely important to our existence. No trees equals no life! They play a very important part in the environment. And it was shocking for me to learn that pristine rain-forest the size of the United Kingdom is cut down and burned EACH DAY across the world to make room for mono-plantations such as palm oil. Ok, palm oil is a plant so that’s good yes? No! These mono-plantations greatly reduce the habitat for a wide range of wildlife and set the environment out of kilter so it becomes unbalanced, and that has a knock on effect for us.

In my shamanic journeys with trees they tell me they are sick, sad and tired of how we humans abuse our home and they cannot understand how we can be so ignorant and so greedy. They tell me that mother-nature gives us so many warning signs, which we continue to ignore at our peril. It’s sad and depressing actually because I feel ashamed of my species. We have been blessed with wonderful brains that can do so much, but for the most part we misuse them, not only to the detriment of other species but ourselves also. Would we shit on our own living room carpet and just leave it there to pile up into a stinking foetid mass? I hope not! But that is what we are doing to our planetary home – exactly that! and now for the picture I told you about – the one that says it all really:

Please let’s try to curb our desires and our incessant need for growth. Please let’s not shit in our own living rooms! Instead, let us nurture a love for more simpler things in life!


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