Daily Card: Island of Invisible Riders

Tuesday’s card is the Island of Invisible Riders, sort of resounds with me today. I just love synchronicity! Here’s what Caitlin has to say about this card:

Maelduin’s men hear the contentious shouting of invisible riders, all boasting that their horse is the best. In a world of conflicting opinions it is often difficult to find the right motivation, but the fruits of unrealised ideas may never ripen without true purpose.

The Challenge.

Are you making a mountain out of a mole hill, or are you afraid to let your ideas grow and manifest? Believe in yourself and do not be swayed by the opinions of others.

There are many contentious voices nowadays aren’t there so it’s not surprising that many people just don’t know which way to turn. Those who shout the loudest often drown out those who have quieter voices. We see a bully mentality in many walks of life. I’ve seen a pattern in my life that I’m only just changing now in my later years. I did not believe in myself enough and listen too much to the opinions of others, many of whom were mis-informed themselves. As a result my dreams and ideas never came to fruition because I was just too darn scared to implement them. Other people’s opinions swayed me and very often I would fall silent and feel inadequate or just plain stupid. Ok, some of my dreams and ideas might have been a bit far-fetched but my point is that by listening too much to others and comparing myself to others I ended up doing nothing and what little self-esteem I had plummeted to nothing.

When other people off-handedly ignore your ideas and dreams, or actually try to put them down, they might have a vested interest in doing so. Perhaps they are fearful of you realising your dreams, perhaps they are unsure as to where it will leave them, or maybe they’re just plain jealous. There could be all kinds of reasons but mostly their reasons are self-serving. What I mean is they serve themselves and not you! Now, if your anything like me, it can be very hard to believe in yourself and your capabilities. I’ve had years of struggle to actually get to a point where I can actually believe in myself. How did I do this?

Well, first off you have to begin to be brutal. I found I had to cut certain people out of my life – those who consistently pulled me down or who were detrimental to my own sense of being. Of course this is hard to do when it comes to family members who might be like this as you have emotional ties with them. However, you have to try to cultivate a thicker skin. In some ways you have to become a little selfish, not in a bad way but in a positive way – after all this is YOUR life not theirs! It doesn’t mean you have to cut family members off but you must set firm boundaries. Healthy boundaries are good and are needed, even in families and close relationships.  All this takes time and practise but it is achievable. It does take a certain amount of courage but if you begin to surround yourself with people who do encourage you as an individual and whom you can trust then it becomes easier. Find people who have similar ideas to you, that way you can build up a support network of like-minded people who won’t pull you down.

The main thing is to move away from contention and negativity and move towards up-lifting and positivity. now, I’ve been told that thinking positively is just unrealistic and that the world is not a positive place. Well, duh! I KNOW that life isn’t positive ALL the time but many of the people who tell me this live in a world that is grey! I don’t want to live in mediocre! They obviously haven’t heard of the Law of Attraction – the law that posits that if you put negative energy out there you attract it back, and vice versa of course. If you don’t believe me try this little experiment. For a couple of weeks try to see the glass half full instead of half empty. I’m not promising that you’ll be ecstatically happy but I bet you’ll see a shift in how you see things and better energy will start to appear in your life. I know this works because I’ve done it and seen it for myself. This does wonders for your self-esteem and then you can start to implement those ideas and dreams. It doesn’t matter if they don’t work out the way you wanted. The point is you will be creating your life and be experiencing it…it’s all gravy baby!

One thought on “Daily Card: Island of Invisible Riders

  1. Awesome post. I feel such a kindred spirit in your blog. and like you have strugled in my journey thru life. For me, my path back from the bottom of hell, was to each morning i got up and said thank you for my blessings and i would list the blessing. At first, it was so hard to be thankful, and now, i can think of so much that i am blessed with and now also do the same before i go to bed, Also, i have learned to take the moments that come our way and to not ignore the possible new changes that arise. Thank you

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