Daily Card: Island of Many Birds

Today’s card is The Island of Many Birds, the second island that Maelduin visited on his immram. It’s the second island we will visit too. Have you ever seen a bird colony, perhaps a sea-bird colony along cliffs by the sea? If you have (even if only on TV) they are an amazing sight. Yes, extremely noisy but those birds actually can pin point their nests to within a couple of inches amongst the thousands of nesting birds. That’s absolutely amazing. And incoming birds can find their mates, with whom they often pair for life. Watching sea birds in these colonies is an exciting and breath-taking sight for sure. If you cannot see this for real then watch David Attenborough’s A Life of Birds documentary series – it’s awesome! Anyway, here’s what Caitlin says about this card:

The abundant birds of this island are like the many possibilities that surround us in life. In the middle of such abundance it is easy to become confused.

The Challenge

Start to appreciate the riches and resources that lie about you in your life. If you cannot decide on a course of action unaided, then let the Universe decide.

I don’t buy this ‘I don’t have a choice’ attitude. We ALWAYS have some kind of choice, and even doing nothing is, in fact, a choice. It is true that life can feel very confusing at times and quite often we don’t know the right choice to make, or we might have a number of choices that we could make but are unsure which one is the best one. I can fully attest to the feelings of unsettlement  and confusion that brings up in a person. Sometimes, we might want to take the easiest option, or the one that feels the most familiar to us. However, it isn’t always the best choice.  The truth is if we really learn to appreciate all the resources that are available to us it often makes decision making a little easier. So often we don’t realise just how much help and support is out there for us. We feel very alone in our choice making and this needn’t be the case. Of course there are some decisions that are ours alone to make but we can still find support in order to help us make the best one we can make.

Of course quite often we have ‘knee jerk’ reactions that will influence our decisions. These come from years of doing something a certain way and it’s not always easy to change the way we react or the choices that come from them. But if we look at the track record of these knee-jerk influenced decisions we can ask ourselves ‘were these the best decisions I could make?’ Of course some knee jerk reactions are good and help us get out of danger but also they can come from anger, disappointment etc. I know when I’ve been hasty in making a decision or choice based on a knee-jerk reaction I’ve regretted it and sometimes made the situation worse, and quite often for myself. That’s why we have intuition, that gut feeling inside, but the only way to allow intuition to work properly is to listen to it and feel it. It doesn’t work with hastiness. We have to sit with our feelings for a while and do some reflecting…not an easy thing to do at first but, with practise and trusting ourselves, it becomes easier.

If at the end of all this reflection and sitting with our feelings we still don’t know what to do then why not allow the Universe to make the choice for you. The Universe has a grand way of steering you in the right direction if only we allow it to. It only has our highest good at heart and doesn’t have the human ego to contend with, that ego that often makes us charge in to a decision based on the old knee-jerk reaction. Very often the Universe will use synchronicity to help us in making a choice. Synchronicity, simply put, is the occurence of seemingly unrelated experiences and events that when put together form meaning and cohesion. We need to be alert to them because the Universe will use all kinds of means to show them to us and they can come from quite unexpected sources. So be observant!

When you are bombarded by choices and decisions…when you find yourself in the proverbial ‘Island of Birds’ remember that you always have a choice, brainstorm your support systems and allow the Universe to work for your higher good.


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