A Passing On

Yesterday I found out that someone I know, and with whom I’ve been in reasonably close contact with the past couple of years, passed over very suddenly. It’s been a shock to my system to say the least, and I was feeling quite numb yesterday. However, I am not really too sad, not for him anyway. It was time for his spirit/soul to move on with the next stage of life and his physical earthly body is no longer needed. It’s ok, it is as it should be. However, I am sad and concerned for those left behind; his family, friends and co-workers because this is going to hit them really hard and there is much sorrow among them.

I did a small candle ritual last night for him, with funerary herbs Rue, White Willow and Star Anise (these herbs are purifying and blessing) but also asked my patron deities Cerridwen and Cernunnos to ease his passing into the Summerlands as the nature of his death was sudden. Also for them to comfort and protect all who knew him. After doing this little ceremony I feel less numb. I also realise how blessed I am to hold the beliefs I do, which are such a support to me at these times. Passing over is not pleasant for those left behind and it’s hard sometimes to let the person go. So having a belief in the after-life gives a rootedness, a comfort and a hope at these times. Even if one doesn’t have a particular belief, the wheel of life turns – from birth to death to rebirth. We look at nature around us and see this all the time – an animal dies, rots and becomes part of the soil once again, which then supports new life in its time. The cycle goes on and on unbroken.



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