On a different tack

 It’s funny how things creep up on you isn’t it. For a while now, and most likely because of my deep interest with the Pagan Blog Project, I’ve started to tentatively write again. I used to be a writer and long ago had some of my poetry and writing published. However, due to life or maybe my approach to life, my writing kind of disappeared. I like to think I was going through a fallow period and maybe it was that but I also think a large part was just me being a complete slacker. Truth is I’m not too hot on disciplining myself, and writing does take a certain amount of that.

So, the other day I chanced on a journaling website Writing Through Life that piqued my interest. I always try to write my thoughts down in a journal but am not really that good – that old discipline monster again. But the weekly prompts really interested me. You see, I’m still in the process of making sense of myself and the world around me. As someone who has mental health issues I probably will always be doing this but it’s important to me in order to function authentically, which is something I could not do in the past. Yes, I’ve laid to rest a great many bones but really and truthfully I’m still in the process of healing, although I’ve come a great distance.

I’ve decided to use these prompts to help me heal and share more of myself with the world, which is rather scary because I’m not all sweetness and light. Who is in fact? I have a dark side that I’m very well aware of but part of my healing journey (which is sacred) is to integrate that part and not deny it. I used to think the Shadow side should be snuffed out but actually it’s impossible for anyone to do that. The whole point of the soul/spiritual journey is to bring the shadow to light and accept it; it is just as much part of who we are as the lighter, acceptable side.

I thought of starting a new blog for this particular journey (I’m always so tempted!) but then I thought ‘no’, I will continue in this particular blog as this is part of my sacred journey through life. Plus the fact I know I have a few followers here and it might be interesting for them to read more about me. Is my head getting bigger? No, not really I just want to share more of myself. But that’s when it becomes scary because there’s a risk…will people like the real, authentic me? In all honesty it doesn’t really matter but I always feel vulnerable in sharing my deepest thoughts with people. However, that’s really what life is about…taking the risk and seeing how it all turns out.  So hold on to your hats folks…here comes Deep~Glade!


3 thoughts on “On a different tack

  1. Thank you for your posting, I loved it, and your courage will hopefully give me more courage as i also have had a total nervous breakdown, and am aware at how tenous our grasp on reality can be. Hopefully, for you as for myselft, you have found strengh in the battles you have thru. You give me inspiration with each of your posts and always look forward to new ones. Peace

    • Well, I’m rather nervous as up until now I’ve not really revealed too much of ‘me’ in my posts, my beliefs yes but it’s always a bit tentative when talking about what makes me tick, or what doesn’t. I’m so glad you derive inspiration from my posts because it makes writing them all the more worth while 🙂

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