The Daily Card: The Enchanted Map ~ Coming to life

Today’s card is Coming to life, and at first I just couldn’t see how this pertained to me seeing as I have very little motivation life in me right now. I had to think and reflect on this one a bit. Here’s what the companion book has to say about it:

Something beautiful is being born into your life. When you look at your life, can you see how you’ve grown and evolved over time? Perhaps you’ve shed ‘skins’ and identities and created new ones, or at the very least matured in your ideas about yourself and the world you inhabit. You know things take time, and Spirit’s timetable is rarely in sync with your own. This card indicates that a long-held dream is beginning to show signs of life. you must try not to coax it along, or shape it according to your desires. Spirit knows the best form for the manifestation of this dream, and your life can become even better than you could possibly imagine. Now is the time for reverence and awe. Allow the contours of your path to be carved by the hands of the Divine. All you have to do is show up.

When I first looked at this card I was confused? What dream? Yes I’ve got a few dreams but none seem to be materializing in my life at the present and to be honest I don’t even know if they’re the right dreams. Plus the fact I’m sorely lacking in the motivational department at present and am feeling very blah! But the more I thought about this card today the more I realised – it’s ok, I don’t actually have to do anything. I just have to be patient and wait. For how long I don’t know but if I’m trusting in the Spirit the length of time is no matter. Then my thoughts were reinforced by me looking at my two very teeny, tiny mugwort seedlings that have taken ages to sprout. I was actually beginning to give up hope and had thought about resowing them. But last week the first one came through – so tiny you really have to look through a magnifying glass to get a good look at it, then another popped through the earth. I wondered what it was like for them…being born. Are they struggling or are they just being and letting nature take its course in its own proper time. I like to think it’s the latter. Those little seeds will grow in their own good time, the time nature intended for them to grow – and nothing I can do will make them grow any fast. Well, I suppose there is some way of forcing them but what kind of plants would I have in the end.

It’s the same with our dreams – they have to go through a natural process of being born. If we force them to be our ‘idea’ of what they should be then chances are they won’t be what we truly need or deserve. We need to have faith in the Universe, the Divine, that our dreams will be realised at the right time and in the right way. If we don’t believe this to be so, we only have to take a look at any kind of seedling, and watch its growth just as nature intended.


2 thoughts on “The Daily Card: The Enchanted Map ~ Coming to life

  1. Had to take the time to tell you thank you for your thoughtfull post, and share that it came at just the right time, as i also, am sorta in a funk, unsure if i am on the right path. With your posting, i was comforted by the fact that all things do come in their own time, and just like the seedling, cannot be rushed, but instead nurtured and allowed to grow at their own rate, much as our own dreams must do. thank you

    • You’re welcome. Am glad it helped you. When I’m in a funk all I need to do is look to nature – it always has the answer 🙂

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