The Daily Card: The Enchanted Map ~ Compass

It’s time for the Compass card, as today’s daily card. We all need one of those don’t we – a compass to guide us through the forest or wherever we find ourselves. In fact our inner compass needs to be with us and working well at all times through this journey called life. Here’s what the book has to say about it:

As long as you orient your compass to True North – the direction of your higher power – you will never be lost.You’re entering uncharted territories right now and can expect wonderful new experiences. To stay on the highest path of your destiny, you’ll need to keep your compass pointed to True North. Only Spirit, or a higher power, can serve this function. Money, property, prestige, romance, and other material achievements can’t help you find your true path. They are simply things you may experience along the journey. Know that Spirit is working in your life, so even if you feel lost temporarily, it will be easy to find your way. Have faith and trust, for your compass, with Spirit as True North, will ensure that you’ll never be lost – even on a starless night when all seems dark.


This card – the Compass – is asking us to align ourselves with our inner compass, our spiritual guide, our souls. Read ‘true north’ as a metaphor here ok. Many times during our lives we can get lost, we can take our eyes off the path and find ourselves in the swampy mire. This can happen through many reasons but quite often it’s because we get bogged down with the material – money, possessions, work, success, leading to not really being satisfied with what we have. We work more and more in order to keep ourselves in a lifestyle we want not realising that this lifestyle is actually depleting us and stopping us from having a far more satisfying life. We get mesmerised by ‘stuff’ whether it be the latest cell phone, the latest car, the latest gadget or even those wonderful sparkly tools of the Craft we end up hankering after. The truth is when these become more important than anything else we have lost our compass and we end up moving right off target. Of course there’s nothing wrong with having material stuff – heck I have an inordinate love of books and now I have my Kindle I’m in 7th Heaven. But I speak from experience here – the lure of stuff is not always easy to resist. Before you know it you’re surrounded by things and working two or three jobs in order to have them. Or, if you’re like me you end up with a pants bank account that is always in the red because you haven’t managed your money very well.

Does that sound familiar?  When this happens we’ve stopped looking at our inner compass and keeping it directed at our higher power. Keeping on course takes effort and discipline – a couple of things I do admit to finding hard at times – especially the discipline part. When I’m off course I feel uncentered and ungrounded. To help reground and focus my compass again I recite what Buddhists call the 5 Remembrances:

It is inevitable that I will grow old

It is inevitable that I will have ill-health

It is inevitable that I will die

It is inevitable that I will leave those I love

I came with nothing – I leave with nothing

These words pull no punches and are the inevitable truth of our existence on this earthly plane at this present time. The ‘I’ spoken of is of course, I believe, talking about the ego here. and it is our egos that most often lead us off course.

However, there are other ways we can be pulled off course too – emotions can make us veer off course and when emotions are extremely deep and painful we can drop our inner compass completely. I find the emotions that cause me to drop my inner compass the most are anger, fear and apathy. These three are real buggers when it comes to trying to maintain our connection with our higher power and our inner compass. I liken them to the forest path being completely overgrown with harsh, painful briers – often seemingly no way through. Of course there is a way through and we have to grasp it – our spiritual swords! We must grasp the mettle, take a deep breath and go forth, knowing that spirit is with us, assisting us all the way. It may take a bit of time but you can clear a way through. The main things to have here are trust and faith as well as patience with yourself. Cutting our way through the dross is going to be painful without doubt – if it isn’t you’re not cutting hard enough. To face our shadows and painful wounds that can hinder us spiritually takes courage and determination…and time…but believe me it can be done. Once through though, no time to rest on our laurels. We need to be continually vigilant and observant and keep our ship on course by continually maintaining our inner compass. The captain of a ship, if he’s worth his salt, doesn’t stop watching his compass when he nears port. In fact he probably watches it more carefully – and so must we!


One thought on “The Daily Card: The Enchanted Map ~ Compass

  1. Thank you. I just wanted to share that your post was one that i needed today.
    when i was done reading it was as if a big weight was lifted off my shoulders. I look forward always to your posts. thank you

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