The Daily Card: The Enchanted Map ~ Unexpected Visitors

Ah…the Alice in Wonderland card…Unexpected Visitors…doesn’t the picture remind you of Alice? It does to me and I loved reading all about Alice’s adventures in Wonderland. In fact it was one of my most favourite books as a kid. Here’s what the book has to say about this card:

If you expect the unexpected you’ll be prepared for miracles. Detours, surprises and paradigm shifts…expect the unexpected. No matter how detailed your plans are, and how clear you believe the road ahead to be, there are times when the best laid plans are waylaid by unforseen circumstances. At first, detours may seem inconvenient, but a surprise turn of events signals that the adventure of life is beginning to get interesting. No one can plan for synchronicity – for fate and destiny to meet – except Spirit, who knows what you can’t comprehend for now. Life is full of surprises, so stay on your toes and enjoy this exciting new adventure you weren’t expecting. There is a plan for your life that may not match up with your agenda.

So, let’s talk about Alice and how we can apply her experience to ourselves. In a nutshell a girl falls down a rabbit hole (a lower world shamanic journey maybe?), eats small cakes and drinks potions that make her either very small or very big, nibbles on mushrooms, speaks to an ethereal disembodied cat, counsels a crying turtle, plays croquet with flamingos and hedgehogs (was this animal abuse?), is chased by red soldiers (communists may be?) who want to catch her in order to chop off her head by the orders of a screeching, blood lusting queen. Well, what a journey Alice had! But despite all the weird things that happened to her you have to admit that it was rather an exciting journey.

Now, I’m not suggesting our lives are like that (or maybe they are for some of you) but we have to admit that sometimes our lives just don’t go as we plan, we come up against brick walls, or the road turns sharply back on itself. When these things happen we can quickly become frustrated and even disillusioned with life. I remember thinking about how Alice coped with the ups and downs of her journey through Wonderland. Her journey wasn’t mapped for her, she didn’t even know where she was going. Of course she got frustrated, scared, angry even and confused but she also paid attention and was observant. She made good use of the signposts presented to her and wasn’t afraid to ask questions. Moreover, she never lost her sense of humour. Alice accepted what was presented to her and moved forward accordingly. Sometime she made the right choice and other times her choice landed her holding the baby (or was it a pig?). At any rate she moved through her journey as it happened and not with any pre-planned ideas on her part.

Of course, it is good for us to have a plan for our lives but if we plan too far into the future with a rigid mindset we miss so much along the way and that rigidity stops synchronicity from working for us. Rigidity does not allow for miracles to happen, it stops excitement in the journey of life and when we are presented with obstacles we can become angry and dismal. Life is not meant to be dismal! Yes there will be dismal places but even they can be turned into advantages if we pay attention and stay alert.

One thing Alice never lost was her sense of wonder and this is how it should be for us too. Life is an amazing journey full of twists and turns. We never really know what is around the next corner, we cannot plan for that no matter how careful we are. The truth is ‘we’ are not really in charge of our lives but our spirits are. And our spirits move us onward to those experiences and lessons that we need, not what we ‘think’ we need. So really we must give up our ego control of life and trust our spirits and the Universe to move us in the right direction. And like Alice, we won’t be disappointed.


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