The Daily Card: The Enchanted Map ~ Listening

If ever there was a pertinent card for today this is the one! Listening. Of course I only know how pertinent in hindsight having returned from therapy and of course the day is not yet over. Here’s what the book has to say about it:

An open heart will hear the message. When this card appears, you’re being reminded that there is a time to speak and a time to be silent. now is an occasion for listening. Pay attention not only to what is being spoken but also to what is not being said at the moment, for the deeper message is not always obvious. Listen with your heart, not just your ears and you’ll find clarity. Receiving the Listening card is a fortunate sign and ensures a greater understanding of your circumstances.

I do love all these elephant cards in this deck but actually elephants are great examples to us, especially in the listening department. I spoke the other day about the Forest elephants who come out of the jungle and gather to eat mud. Well, what I didn’t mention is that these elephants have extremely good hearing and they actually do listen because they communicate with each other in the forest by means of extremely low rumbles – too low for a human ear to actually hear. In fact they seem to be energy vibrations rather than sounds. The elephant has to listen intently for them. It’s the same with us too isn’t it. some forms of communication are only picked up on if we listen intently, with our whole bodies, not just our ears. We can listen to expressions, body language, what is not said, tone of voice etc. All these can help a person to communicate and allow us to communicate with them. I think quite often that it is when we are silent and truly listening that we can most connect with a person.


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