The Daily Card: The Enchanted Map ~ Protecting Treasure

Today’s card is Protecting Treasure – what is your treasure? Here’s what the book says about this card:

You are always protected and divinely directed. Although this is a time of great risk, know that at a fundamental level you are able to move forward safely and securely. The proverbial nest egg is safe and sound no matter the fluctuations in the world. Guardian angels and other guides are whispering to you, making you aware of their protective presence. Your loyalty is an important theme now. Nurture that which you hold dear. This is a good time to strengthen bonds of friendship and ensure their integrity. If you feel tested right now, know that a true and loyal heart always achieves its aim. Take refuge under an angel’s wing. You are not alone and have no need to fear. Embrace your courage.

Treasure can mean all sorts of things to all kinds of people can’t it? For me treasure is that which resonates with and feeds my soul. Sometimes throughout life we come into situations that test us, we find ourselves amongst people who do not resonate with our souls, who sap our energy and we end up feeling lost in a miasma of negativity. At these times we need to protect that which we hold dear and guard our souls. It is true that all people and events can teach us something but we do not have to give up our soulful integrity. When faced with difficult and trying situations remember what is important to you, remember the promise of the Universe. This may mean making a choice between allowing ourselves to remain in a situation or removing ourselves from it. If we choose to remove ourselves this is not running away – this is doing our part to protect our treasure. We make this decision not out of denial but out of clarity about what’s important to us. It takes wisdom and courage to do this and rest assured that the Universe and our Guides will always back us up. I am reminded today of a quote from the very wise Walt Whitman:

Re-examine all you have been told…Dismiss what insults your soul.



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