The Daily Card: The Enchanted Map ~ Stuck in the mud

On the face of it today’s card – Stuck in the mud – seems a strange one, and not entirely very inspiring but surface features can be disarming. When I first saw this card I was a little disappointed actually but the truth is there’s much more to it than you think. Here’s what the book says about it:

You’re being invited to stop and savour the wonder of your life. Becoming stuck is sometimes the only way to trick yourself into slowing down and looking around you. In fact, this is a sign that you need to shift your focus away from what you’re doing and place your attention elsewhere. Struggling will only get you into muddier places. now is not the time to move forward but to observe. Clarity about your circumstances will come a little later. Stop and find joy in what you’ve been overlooking. Soon you’ll be out of the mud, but for now, be still and know that Spirit has a plan for you.


On the face of it the phrase ‘stuck in the mud’ doesn’t seem very pleasant does it. When we use it to describe someone (aka. you old stick in the mud) we are most often referring that they are boring or stubborn. However, a little while ago I watched a documentary about forest elephants and how they use mud, as it is literally a life saver for them. They spend a large proportion of their lives in the forests and the food they eat, mainly leaves and fruit, is very hard on their stomachs. In fact it is toxic but the elephants have a way of digesting it. However, every so often they all clan together and meet in openings in the forest where there are large mud pools. They frolic and play of course but there is a more serious meaning to these meetings. They actually drink the mud! This is because the mud contains a high percentage of minerals that help them digest their food and combat the toxins in their food. So for them mud is necessary for life.

It is the same for us too – sometimes being stuck in the mud is a good thing. It prevents us from moving forward for a while and makes us notice what is going on for us in the moment – the present. In our rushed lives doing nothing is so often disparaged and looked down upon. Our society says we must do, do, do, and think, think, think – always on the go, always fixing and moving on. No wonder a lot of us are confused and stressed. So it’s a good idea to take the elephants example and wallow in the mud occasionally. There’s nothing wrong with stopping and being a little stuck sometimes. It helps us notice and get some clarity on our lives. It gives us the chance to observe and gain this clarity that we might otherwise have missed. We won’t remain stuck forever. We can drink our fill of the ‘mud’ just like the elephants do knowing that it is important for our growth and our well-being. Then when the time is right we can move on refreshed. So, don’t be scared or frustrated about being stuck in the mud from time to time.

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