The Daily Card: The Enchanted Map ~ Moonlight

I absolutely love today’s card – Moonlight – it kind of reminds me of Blodeuwedd, with the owl in the shadow of the moon. But it also has rather mysterious undertones to it. Here’s what the book says about it:

Your intuition allows you to see beyond the mundane, logical and analytical. Follow it! Moonlight beckons. Come, and trust your intuition to lead you into places that may not seem logical. Your hunches will be right on target. Resist ‘second-guessing’ yourself, for your alternative perception is especially sharp right now. you can see beyond the surface of things and truly read between the lines. This is a good time to use oracle cards or other systems of divination to gain information. Remember that the language of intuition is a symbolic one. It comes subtly through a hunch, a ‘tingling’, a clear sound, or an animal or object crossing your path. Spirit is sending you messages to help you now. Success is yours if you follow the signs.

I think the ‘reversed’ explanation of this card is really apt – avoiding over analysing and overthinking things. We all, at some time, tend to do that and for some of us it became a habit because our intuition lay dormant inside us and we just couldn’t or wouldn’t tap into it. Especially in our Western Society we are not really encouraged to use our intuition, and so we rely on thinking – brain work – because that is what is encouraged in our society. The truth is everyone is born with intuition, it is part of us just like our brains, our hearts, our hands and so forth. However, we are not encouraged to use it because logic rules! Well apparently so but just look at how many illogical goings on there are in the world today.

The book describes intuition as being a hunch, a sound, an animal or object cross our path at a particular time, even a sensation and it is all of these things but more too. How we realise our intuition is as individual as we are. The important task is to learn to listen to our intuition which may have lain dormant for many years. It means not ‘over thinking’ but being alert to our bodies, listening to our inner feelings and really noticing what’s going on around us. Like a muscle it needs to be worked in order to become stronger. The ironic thing is that sometimes when we really pay attention to our intuition we end up doing things that may seem very illogical to those around us, or even ourselves if we are inexperienced with using our intuition. That is because intuition is connected with our Higher Self and that part of us knows what we truly need even before we consciously know it. Our higher Self knows what is truly best for us, even if it is a hard life lesson and sometimes it is. But really working with our intuition can save us a lot of heart ache and trouble in the long run.

I suppose the difficult part is differentiating our true intuition from our ego – what we think is the best path to take. That’s usually ego thinking and often tied up with social norms and expectations. Intuition can be described as counter to that, at least in my experience. When faced with a decision it is always good to not make knee jerk decisions straight away. By mulling things over for a time, or even allowing things to lie we can allow ourselves time to connect to our intuition. And paying attention to synchronicity really helps too – those peculiar events that seem to pop up that really point us in the right direction. These usually come from nature or they can come from other sources too – something a trusted friend might say, which is then backed up by something you might read, and then backed up by something you see or observe in nature. Then you know, deep inside that it connects with intuition and you can then make your choice from spirit rather than ego.


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