F is for Fluffy Bunnies…or not!

In Pagan circles we’ve all heard of the expression ‘Fluffy Bunny’, we may have even used that expression at one time or another, I know I’ve used it once or twice over the years. However, I’ve been thinking about it lately what with all the posts on tolerance that have been appearing lately.

So, what is a Fluffy Bunny? Well, in my fantasy a fluffy bunny is someone who just plays at paganism or witchcraft. Usually a younger female but occasionally men too. Someone who thinks witchcraft in particular is just about fairies, casting love spells, dressing up in black etc. Someone who does not know the deeper arts of the Craft, or only performs magick once or twice a year, wears lots of pentacles perhaps. Actually I think there could be many definitions of fluffy bunny. What I do know is that a fluffy bunny is looked upon with distain from more seasoned members of the Craft and it is used as a derogatory term.

But I’ve been thinking. Perhaps a lot of us were fluffy bunnies at one time, when we first began our journey in the Craft. I’m not saying all of us were but I think that a few of us could have been like that. We were newbies weren’t we and most likely didn’t know beans about what walking the path really meant. If, like me, you started out in a coven and worked your way through the Degrees, at the beginning everything was new and maybe you had a certain idea about what Witchcraft meant, which was far removed from the REAL meaning – you learnt that fast if you took your training seriously.

Again, maybe you’re someone who is trying to find the right path for your soul, so you’re trying things out for the first time. You read all the books (and most of the really popular books are Witchcraft 101), you may not even have someone to teach you and are going it alone for the first time – that’s hard believe me! You’re bombarded with all kinds of information over the internet both good and bad (actually there’s a lot of complete nonsense written about the Craft on the Net) and you haven’t yet learnt to be discerning. This takes time and it is right for it to take time. One doesn’t learn true discernment in a shake of a wand. It involves trial and error. We make mistakes and fluff up and even the most seasoned of us can still do that occasionally believe me.

Maybe some just like to be a bit fluffy around the edges. Maybe they’re not ready for the real nitty gritty yet. Maybe they will be in time or maybe they won’t. After all it is the soul that decides as it is the soul’s journey. Each person’s path is completely individual to them and no two witches are even alike. I have the honour and pleasure of being a Priestess of Sacred Mists, and yet even though we have a tradition, I can tell you that each witch is different from the other in certain ways. But that’s what brings so much colour to Witchcraft and Paganism as a whole – so many hues and tints of individuality, and that’s what drew me to it in part. A myriad of colours, not just green, or black, or red, or yellow but umpteen shades of green, of black, of red and yellow – get my meaning?

So why should we distain these so-called fluffy bunnies? In fact I don’t think it’s a very tolerant attitude at all. Those of us who have some years and experience under our belts are in a great position to take younger ones under our wings (so to speak) and guide them. This isn’t prosetalysing but merely helping those who want to learn but are maybe confused right now. And even if someone wants to walk on the surface of the Craft, why not let them? After all, who are we to cast a distainful eye on someone else’s soul path. Perhaps they are just not ready for the commitment that the meat of the Craft entails. I know without a doubt that if I were called a fluffy bunny when I first started my journey it would have completely put me off. What I needed (and bless the Goddess thankfully got) was guidance, support in real terms.

So let’s try not to use this derogatory term and try to be discerning and helpful to those new to the Craft.


20 thoughts on “F is for Fluffy Bunnies…or not!

  1. I commented on another blog that wrote about Fluffy Bunnies this week; I said that I always felt that Fluffy Bunnies were naive, maybe with a hint of lazy, shallow, or afraid. Now, in and of themselves these words aren’t that offensive. What can really change things is the context.

    Naive, a bit lazy, maybe shallow or afraid. All of these words could describe countless 15 year old girls and boys. When we look at them we may be frustrated by these qualities, but we know they will have opportunities to learn about themselves and the world, and they should grow out of it. Now, apply the word naive, or lazy, or shallow, or afraid to a 40 year old business exec, and you’ve got yourself an insult!

    You are dead right about needing to take our ‘ Fluffy Bunnies’ and helping them grow on their paths and develop within the craft. But, that is assuming that Fluffies are all younglings, or newbies. What are we to do with the ‘adepts’ who refuse to grow beyond the superficial parts of the craft? What about those Bunnies?

    • You make such a good point! and I’ll be honest and say that even though I’m 47 and have been on my path a number of years now, I too can be naive at times, and a bit lazy (can’t we all?) LOL However, I think the point you make is a fair one, and a good one – what are we to do with those who refuse to grow beyond the superficial parts of the Craft. Well, nothing! You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink. We need to remember that each person’s path is individual to them and totally unique. Maybe they are not meant to move beyond the superficial yet…maybe not even in this life time. However, we still need to manifest tolerance even to those people.

      • Just like Rainbow said, and you hint on here, some people just need to be ‘there’, and that’s fine.
        I generally don’t have a problem with people’s UPG, or how they experience the world of the divine, and so I live and let live (as much as I can). But I will draw the line when someone else starts making me look silly. A Fluffy Bunny who smears glitter freely, who follows the word of a singular 101 book like it is law (even the contradictory stuff), but generally follows along and doesn’t make a fuss is one thing. But, if you start piping up and (like Linda said) trying to teach me how to worship, or start drawing the public’s attention to your silliness, I will step in.

        I also think it is worth mentioning, however, that maybe we need to lighten up a little bit: I used to be a pretty intense raver. I was a Kandy Kid; the ‘classic’ raver with a teddy-bear backpack, both arms covered in flashy beads, phat pants, glitter, the whole nine! Kandy Kids are the Fluffy Bunnies of the rave world. The old-schoolers hate their naiveté and they are the ‘kid brothers’ of the group. But, when the power blows at a party and the music and lights don’t work, you know a Kandy Kid is the one to keep on dancing, blowing their whistles, stomping their feet, and inviting everyone to start a tam-tam session to keep the beat going.

        Their insistant focus on the positive, the light, and the ‘fun’ keeps a certain level of life to any rave. And you can’t deny that a lot of Fluffy Bunnies bring that same energy. Maybe we should let ourself smear glitter a bit more freely and stop worrying about growing out our wizardy beards and counting how many tomes we have at home!

        • Yep…a bit of glitz and frothiness never hurt anyone! 🙂 I did enjoy your insight into the ‘Rave’ world…coz I’ve never been there LOL I’m too wizened now…a sixties child LOL But I get your meaning. and your last paragraph says it all really 🙂

  2. As a young witch who has recently come out of the broom closet, I like to think that I’m not a fluffy bunny as it were. I guess that sometimes I may seem fluffy when it comes to debates about religion, but there is the point that everyone had to start off somewhere. I’m also dating an athiest, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he said I was fluffy! I do wear black sometimes, but I only wear one penticle necklace rather than going the full hog with the jewelry. This post really enlightened me, and I thank you very much for writing it! Blessed Be )O(

    • It’s not easy to come out of the broom closet and thankfully I’ve never had to but I can well imagine how difficult it is. Like you said, everyone has to begin somewhere and knowledge of the Craft comes with time and experience and a whole lot of study…you will get there if this is the right path for you. Wearing black and pentacles isn’t wrong – I was using my own fanstasy when writing that. LOL The main point of my post was to encourage tolerance and kindness, and not be so disparaging to those who maybe new to the Craft.
      Blessings for your journey

  3. You address one of what I see as the key problems in paganism: people who are so advanced in their own studies that they fail to see that they themselves started out as a newbie once… I see this happen quite often in recon groups, where Wiccans are looked down upon for not using a historically correct framework to address Celtic/Northern/Egyptian deities, although Wicca is a perfectly justified path of its own. In fact, I see this happen so often that I wonder whether I’ll ever want to meet other recons in person -.-
    I addressed some of the same issues in my post this week; I’d be glad if you read it (http://mists-of-manannan.blogspot.de/2012/03/fundamentalism.html).

    • I have read and replied to your very interesting post under the name of Celticawitch. 🙂 Yes, I think there can be a hubris sometimes when a person reaches such an advancement in the Craft, or whatever their path is. That’s what I meant by Ego. The trouble with recon groups is that (in my opinion) they try to reconstruct from history and archaeology, which is good BUT they live in the 21st Century and no reconstructionist idea can be said to be perfectly in step with the ancients – it is still our ‘ideas’ about how they lived and worshipped. Being derisive about another person’s path is detrimental to all and in my opinion just panders to the collective ego of any group. There’s enough ego in the world as it is isn’t there.

  4. Love your attitude! There’s definitely something attractive in focusing on the light and beauty that’s in Paganism, and I try to be kind about that. We mustn’t forget that taking on a new spiritual path can be daunting at first, so focusing on the beauty may be a way to make it less scary.

    There are also times when we need that beauty and light. When I studied Tarot with a mentor in 2008, I was using the Thoth deck. I was talking to a friend about this, and she, knowing that I was going through some serious healing from an abusive childhood, gently suggested that it might be better for me to find a less intense deck. I chose the Robin Wood deck, and that made a big difference. (Granted, the Robin Wood deck isn’t fluffy, but it’s certainly less intense than the Thoth!)

    My point is that we don’t always know what a person is going through in his/her life, so focusing on the beauty and light just might be helping them through a rough time.


  5. Great post topic. We were all newbies at one point.

    I often wonder if the “fluffy bunny” label gets applied to me, although I have been practicing since 1999. I come from a background in floral design, interior decor and art and tend to work my Craft using those influences. I’m sure it looks fluffy to some, but it is part of my self-identification and source of power. To each his own!

  6. Great post topic. We were all newbies at one time!

    I’ve been practicing since 1999 and I often wonder if I get labelled as a fluffy bunny b/c how I mix my home decor, floral design and art background with my Craft… I suppose it looks fluffy to some, but its how I express myself.

    • I wouldn’t worry about it.:) You use your talents to work your Craft and I think that’s mostly what it’s about anyway.

  7. I think most of us like to be light at times, and it can be fun too and how best do people learn then to follow rabbit trails ( this is a homeschooling term ) maybe the fluffies are here to also remind us oldies sometimes 😉
    great post ☺

    • Yes, maybe not to take ourselves so seriously LOL. The charge of the Goddess says…ALL acts of pleasure are my rituals…light AND dark make the whole don’t they 🙂

  8. The whole fluffy thing can be pretty subjective, too. I’m dating an atheist, and to him all of us look fluffy. He doesn’t really understand the term, and when I was talking to him once about crazy claims someone I’d met online was making, he didn’t see the difference between that and my own practice. I believe in gods, isn’t that a crazy claim? I always thought the same thing when my very conservative, pentecostal Christian friend would talk about the people who go too far and are overly focused on manifestations of spiritual power…As far as I could tell, her church did exactly the same thing she criticized in others.

    Where we draw the line and what we consider fluffy is going to vary from one person to the next. It would probably be helpful for all of us to keep in mind when we’re judging someone for being fluffy that someone is doing the same to us, no matter how practical and learned we think we are. Great post!

    • Absolutely the term is subjective. Everyone is going to have their own ideas about that term (even athiests), and I was just talking from my own viewpoint. I think what my post was really about was intolerance. And I think you make a really great point right at the end of your comment – thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  9. The kind of fluffy bunny I have problems with, are beginners who insist on teaching me their truth. Because they “know” more than I do. I have no problems with beginners in general.

    • Yes we get people like that in all walks of life don’t we. I guess that’s where our discernment and detachment comes in.

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