The Daily Card: The Enchanted Map ~ Slow and Steady

Today’s card is Slow and Steady…be like a snail LOL. I love this card, I love the beautiful picture, it makes me feel rather restful. There’s nothing wrong with snails, or slugs for that matter. Ok gardeners don’t like them (and can be rather ruthless with them I’m afraid) but All that is…is Alive…and has a purpose! I actually quite like the slugs and snails in my garden, they are fascinating creatures and can teach a person a lot if only that person is open to the lesson. Here’s what the book says:

Remember the old saying ‘slow and steady wins the race’? This is the time for easy movement, unhurried steps, and a steady heart. Trust that taking life at a more leisurely pace will give you greater access to your dreams. Slowing down allows more contact with the juicier elements of your life. Savour them!

We all know what life is like these days…rush, rush, rush! We all know how to multitask, well probably all except me LOL! The trouble is how often do we slow down? The society in which we live does not advocate this does it? We are encouraged to fly through life at break neck speed and then we wonder why we’re so burnt out. Of course, many of us have full time jobs, are full time parents, have many responsibilities that have to be met but it seems to me that many of us just don’t or can’t slow down, not even for a minute. Of course we must meet our responsibilities, that’s important but so is slowing down because that’s good for our health both physical and spiritual. If we are too busy rushing here and there and always doing then we miss so much of life. We end up feeling that life has passed us by and we have nothing left but stress and resentment.

Remember we are not HUMAN DOINGS….we are HUMAN BEINGS…so just BE!




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