The Daily Card: The Enchanted Map ~ Into the Unknown

Today is British Mothering Sunday, and today’s card is Into the Unknown. How can they be connected? Well, to become a mother is venturing into the unknown isn’t it. First you’re not – then you are and to be sure there is no map, only your innate intuition. First time mothers don’t even have the luxury of prior experience and no book in the world can really tell you how to be a mother. Becoming a mother is to be thrust into the unknown but rest assured that you DO have the skills inside to deal with everything that is thrown at you. You will make mistakes but you will also be given wonderful experiences and opportunities to guide a new life. Trust yourself, trust your child! So, what does the book say about this card?

Trust…and all will be revealed. Life is an adventure, and often, new opportunities will arise that you won’t know how to deal with. This is one of those times. You’re required to trust that this new phase will reveal wonders and miracles as you step into unknown territory. Imagine that you are not only a path finder but a path maker. Whatever your inquiry, trust that you’ll be safe. Stay aware as you discover new and marvellous territories and valuable treasures.

It’s hard to trust when faced with something completely new isn’t it. You stand at the edge of an unknown wood not knowing which path to take. Each will bring its own experiences – some good, some not so good, and even the not so good ones can be clouds with silver linings. All experiences teach us something don’t they? Of course we are not talking about purposefully taking a path you KNOW will do you harm but when faced with the unknown you just have to trust and know that whatever comes your way, you will be able to deal with it. If we don’t trust we stay forever at the edge of the wood, never venturing in, growing stale and old by the way side. That’s not what life is about.

Along the way, and throughout life, we are given helpers and guides. These can be physical or spiritual in nature so we are never left completely alone to fend for ourselves. Learn to trust them in the small things and you will be able to trust them to guide you in the big things. This is a process, just as learning to trust your own innate intuition is a process. But don’t fear the hiccups and stumbling blocks in life either for it is these that help mold us into wholer people.


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