E is for Empowerment

Sometimes it’s hard to find empowerment, especially if you’re like me and have physical and mental difficulties. I suffer from a great deal of chronic exhaustion and many times all I can do is sleep. I have learnt to listen to my body over the years and if it says ‘sleep’ then that’s what I do. Challenging and pushing ourselves is a good thing but if it’s not balanced with rest and recuperation it can be detrimental not only to our physical selves but also our spiritual selves. That’s when burn out happens and it’s not nice!

So many books have been written about empowerment, Amazon has gadzillions of them in one sort or another that I’ve lost count. But you don’t need a plethora of books in order to empower yourself. All you need is some time for yourself each day, preferably in the morning – 10 to 15 minutes will do, to be able to visualise or imagine (we can all do that can’t we?), a lovely candle preferably in purple or lavender, some paper and a pen, and a cauldron or fireproof dish or bowl. Of course you can burn incense of your choice but this is optional.

Now what I’m going to relate here is a simple mini-ritual you can do each day for self-empowerment. However, the point is to do it EACH DAY without fail. The reason for this is reinforcement – the more you do something the more entrenched it becomes. Of course this can work for good and bad but here we are focusing on something good and positive you can do for yourself.

1. First of all sit yourself down comfortably and just spend a few minutes just slowly breathing. Focus on your breath and when thoughts come galloping in as they tend to do – don’t struggle with ‘not’ thinking about them, just notice them and then go back to focusing on your breathing. The more you focus on just your ‘in’ and ‘out’ breaths the more calm and centred you’ll become. Practice this! It will happen!

2. Light your lovely purple (or lavender) candle.

3. Sit for another minute or so just gazing at the candle flame while you ready yourself to be empowered.

4. In your mind focus on what exactly you need your empowerment for – do you have an exam, a job interview, or do you just ant to feel more confident, or to be able to trust your own intuition more? Your need can be anything you want. Or, if you’re like me, you can just focus on being empowered in all ways.

5. Take your pen and paper and write down this affirmation:

By Oak, Ash and Thorn

By Earth, Sky and Sea

By Hook or by Crook

Empowerment come to me.

By Earth in the North

By Air in the East

By Fire in the South

By Water in the West

Today let me feel empowered to do (write in your need here)

By the Sun in the day And the Moon at night

Let empowerment come

So Mote it Be!

6. Now slowly read this affirmation through THREE times slowly – allow the words to sink into your mind and heart and know the Universe is listening.

7. Finally set the paper alight by the candle flame and place it straight into the cauldron or fire-proof container and watch it burn. PLEASE do this part safely!

8. Keep your candle alight for as long as you possibly can. If I’m not going out I leave it alight in a safe place (on my altar) for 2 hours but make sure it’s not left unattended.

As you do this little ritual each day you will feel more empowered in your life, both physical and spiritual. Even if you are feeling bone tired and suffering depression as I often am – even the action of lighting the candle is often enough to allow empowerment to reach inside of you.

Of course you can change or adapt the affirmation as you like – tailor it to suit YOUR needs. But the point is to make this little ritual part of your daily life – like brushing your teeth, or getting dressed, or having the morning cup of coffee or tea. The more you do this and make it habitual the more you draw empowerment into your life.

Finally, another thing you might like to do is before you begin the ritual you might like to decorate the area around the candle with purple or lavender coloured flowers and crystals. Lavender itself is very soothing but also empowering, and an Amethyst placed by the candle will attract empowerment, as well as mental and physical strength and stability.

Candle in photo is available from Sacred Mists Shoppe – just click on photo to be taken there.

This empowerment ritual was inspired by Lady Lilyth Moonshadow ~ thank you and blessed be!


2 thoughts on “E is for Empowerment

  1. Beautiful, simple and inspiring – wish I’d had this when I was doing the rounds of interviews – but I will be doing it for other areas of my life – thank you for sharing – bunni x x x

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