The Daily Card: The Enchanted Map ~ Ghostlands

 So today I embark upon a new adventure with a new deck of oracle cards I’ve just purchased – The Enchanted Map by Colette Baron-Reid. I’ve worked with one of her other decks before and to be honest it didn’t grab me too much but this new deck is something different. I was immediately drawn to the artwork, which I find to be rather surreal and I’m a great lover of the surreal and ‘odd’. also, this deck was recommended highly by a good friend of mine so I went ahead and purchased it (to be honest I don’t need much excuse to buy a new oracle deck).

So the cards came yesterday and at once I loved them. They are superb! Just the right size for shuffling, not too big or too small, and a lovely weight to the card stock. Each card is also edged with gold, which is a nice touch. I couldn’t wait to begin using them, so after sleeping with them under my pillow last night and handling them quite a bit, looking at each card in depth and shuffling numerous times I’ve decided to use this deck as a daily card pull – that is pulling one card a day with the focus on what I need to manifest or reflect on each day.

The card pulled today was Ghostlands:

Whenever you set your sights too far ahead, you run the risk of losing your footing, for rarely do the present and future match up exactly on the Enchanted Map that is your life story. The future has no substance right now; it is a place that has no grounding as of yet. you can’t live there, yet you can take measured steps toward a goal or dream. These steps are important now.

The same goes for nostalgia. you can look into the past wistfully and remember beautiful moments or revisit lessons learned. However, you can’t live there, nor can you go back and change what was. Yesterday is gone forever. Live fully in the present. The ‘Now’ is the most powerful place to put your attention. Its magic reaches out in every direction, further than the heart or soul can see.

When I pulled this card I thought WOW! I’m always banging on about living in the present (I’m sure my friends get heartily sick of me) but it is something I practise each and every day and the honest truth is – living in the present does so much for you! On a simple level it reduces stress and worry a lot, it improves one’s health both physical and mental and it allows one to be happy. Yes it truly does! Not always ecstatically happy but definitely a feeling of inner peace and joy.

Living in the present is really what Thich Nhat Hahn calls Mindfulness but it’s something that has to be worked on – it is a discipline. Sometimes I ‘forget’ about being in the present and that’s when I start to feel ungrounded, stressed and my stomach ulcer starts to play up. The more you practise it though the easier it becomes I promise. I find also that if I dwell on the past, or think about the future I lose my groundedness and leave the present moment, so I have to bring myself back by focusing on what is going on in the Now…right now!

The other thing this card really shouted out to me was regarding goals and dreams. Yes of course it’s good to have goals and dreams, it’s also important to have them. But when they become so fixed that we forget the journey of how we actually manifest them they actually can become burdensome. If we set a goal that we believe we have to reach ‘at all costs’ and then worry about it – well that’s not living in the present is it? Maybe we will never actually manifest that goal but the journey we take in the process is what is important. For example, perhaps you want to become a doctor. you know you have to do years of training in order to achieve that. That thought can become a burden. Or it can drive you to the point where nothing else in your life matters and you neglect other important aspects of your life. Come back to the present – hold your goal in mind and work towards it each day but stay in the now; it’s the journey that counts. Moreover, staying in the present allows you to be a more balanced person.


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