C is for Crying

Why is it so important to cry, and what is crying anyway? I’ve noticed so many people who just won’t allow themselves to cry. for whatever reason they bottle their emotions up until they explode one day, and the fallout can be considerable believe me. Fortunately I’ve always been a person who cries pretty easily whether it is out of joy, anger or grief. I love crying! Ok, so I get a red face and a runny nose but actually that is a normal part of crying. so let’s get down to the ‘science’ of crying albeit in layman’s terms.

There are three types of tears: basal tears, reflexive tears, and psych tears. Basal tears keep your eye lubricated. Reflexive tears are made in response to irritants in the eye. Psych tears are tears expelled during emotional states, such as intense joy, anger or grief. The lacrimal system is made up of a secretory system, which produces tears, and an excretory system, which drains the tears. The lacrimal gland is primarily responsible for producing reflexive and emotional tears. As tears are produced some fluid evaporates between blinks, and some is drained through the lacrimal punctum. Tears that are drained through the punctum will eventually be drained through the nose. Any excess fluid will fall over the eyelid, which produces the tears that are cried. Source: Wikipedia

We all know water is cleansing don’t we. Our tears are cleansing too. In fact, I believe that tears are the body’s own inbuilt cleansing system – we are meant to cry! It makes perfect sense; we wash dishes in water to get them clean, we have a shower or bath to wash our outer bodies but what about our internal self. That needs a good cleanse too at times, in fact it’s probably more important.  I’ve seen so many people stultified, frozen and suffering because they could not, or would not have a good cry. Of course I’ve heard that there can be pathological reasons why a person cannot cry because their lacrimal system doesn’t work properly but most people do not cry because of the way they’ve been socialised, especially men. We’ve all heard it haven’t we – ‘real men don’t cry’. Well in actual fact real men DO cry! And real women too! Bottling up emotions is bad for you, we all know this. However, when was the last time you had a really good cry – I mean a REALLY good cry! Let those tears flow, let them release the pent up anger and grief for whatever it is. Even tears of joy are wonderful. Crying is cleansing, purifying and releasing.

I suppose a case needs to be made for apporopriate occasions, I guess it wouldn’t do to blub your heart out at the weekly board meeting or something. But there are many opportunities to release the emotions and cleanse yourself. you can even make a ritual out of it. For example, if you were doing a cleansing ritual for yourself, or some kind of purification ritual, use tears as a means of part of that cleansing and purification. There’s no shame in it and after a good cry one always feels a sense of lightness, of baggage being removed. Of course one can still feel anger or hurt but crying does lift the burden a bit, just temprarily so you can get a better perspective on your troubles.

As we approach Imbolc in a couple of days this is the perfect time to allow yourself to have a good cry – to cry out all the disappointments, all the pain and hurt of the previous year. As the ice begins to melt and the water is released to refresh the land so new growth can begin again, use your tears to melt the ice inside so you can blossom forth this coming year and refresh your inner garden.


2 thoughts on “C is for Crying

  1. I never looked at crying in quite that way before. I haven’t completely let go to grieve for my mother. (I am afraid if I start, I won’t stop) I do cry once in a while, but not to the extent that I know I need to fully purge my soul. Thank you for a wonderful post. BB.

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