2012…new year, new start

Well, for a long time now I’ve just been posting Daily Om on here. Not that it’s wrong but I’ve decided to start writing about my sacred journey again. I will still include Daily Om of course but am going to expand. My journey hasn’t stopped or halted, it’s just that I’ve not been writing about it. Doing it I guess. Well this year I’ve signed up for the Pagan Blog Project which I hope will help me to actually write about my journey through life from the spiritual perspective. Of course I must own that the reason why I’ve not been blogging about it is probably sheer laziness. Yep, I do get lazy at times, well more ennuie I guess. Love that word. So, each Friday I will be blogging something for this project and I’m very excited about it. I even have an idea for this coming Friday. I hope also that followers of my blog and people passing through will find some inspiration also. So, here’s to 2012 and a new blogging start.


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