Quado’s Garden ~ It is All Inside You

Everything in your life will become easier when you make your choices from your center of truth and rightness rather than from your emotions.  And by emotions, I mean excitement and anticipation as well as fear and anger.  All emotions are responses to expectations and your heart of rightness has no expectations.

In your center of truth and integrity, there is a deep knowingness, a connection to a greater purpose, a connection to more than you alone.  A connection to all that is.

You know everything you need to know.  It is all inside you.  All you need to do is learn to go beneath emotion and access truth.  Learn to do this, and you will open up a clear path before you.  You will not know what the future holds, but it will unfold before you, step by step, in clarity and wonder.

Today I ask that I may be true to my deepest self. I feel my truth and rightness within me.  I have a deep pool of peace in my center and I know it as rightness, I know it as my deep integrity and connection with all that is. Today, I choose to let this pool of rightness and truth drive my decisions and my actions.  Today, I choose to live in honor and integrity.  Today, I choose to respect and love myself so deeply that I cannot help but be true to my deepest self. I am in truth.  I am.


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